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Thor Movie


Just read where they're gonna make a Thor movie. Frankly, I'm surprised it took'em this long.
So, who do you think should play the son of Odin? He's got to be big, he got to be blond and it would be nice if he was nordic.
Magnus Samuelsson? Big, but he'd have to cut up and take acting lessons.
Who else? Suggestions please.


Big? I showed you what Superman is going to look like, right? With that in mind, they will probably choose the guy who played the lead on Dawson's Creek. If he can't do it, the blond guy in The BackStreet Boys will probably be next choice.




Heh. Probably. Who's going to be playing Superman?


Triple H has been suggested on another forum.




So we finally found a role for brock lesnar ay?




Never heard of the guy but looks like a pretty shitty choice. Maybe they'll do better for this movie.


Maybe they'll pull Dolph Lundgren out of the drawers?


Well he did such a fine job in the original Punisher movie.


I just threw up a little bit in my mouth...


I think a good choice would be the blond, big, viking-looking dude who's in Kingdom of Heaven, in Liam Neesom's group. He dies in the first fight scene in the forest.

Is he one of the guys mentioned further up?


That was former world strongest man Jouko Ahola


Ten bucks and a bag o' cheetos says this will never, ever, ever be made. Avi Arad announced it at ComicCon? Good for him. Unfortunately for the Odinson, there's a long line ahead of him (Iron Man, Namor, Spidey and FF sequels), and a huge problem when it comes to story and villians: Thor doesn't have any. Quick, name three great Thor epics. I can't do it, either. How about three villians? ok, y'got Loki. Aaaaaaand? Nope, Absorbing Man was used (kinda) in Hulk. Wrecking Crew? You gotta be kidding me.

Plus, as everybody's already grasped, it's an impossible role to cast. The only actor in Hollywood taller than 4'2" is Vince Vaughan, and he's not exactly Nordic. (They could probably get Gunter Schliekamp to reprise the role he played so masterfully in the Visa commercial, but something tells me one Teutonic muscleman with an unpronouncable name is enough.)

PS Why, exactly, does Superman have to be huge? His strength doesn't come directly from his muscles. He's an alien.



I'm a big Thor fan (as you can probably tell; I also love Godzilla movies). And you're right it's about bloody time. Dunno who would be credible to portray the Odinson.
My mind keeps flashing back to Eric Kramer from the Incredible Hulk tv show, but now he'd probably make a better Odin.


'Cause that's how he is in the comics and the movie is based on a character from the comics...and it just looks cooler.


Thor's got villians o'plenty! Of course there's Loki. There's Surtur. And Mangog.
Thor epics? Ballad of Beta Ray Bill, The Surtur Saga, The Dark Gods. Read the comics.


Does there have to be any other reason? Superman is still supposed to be the greatest of all comic book superheros...literally "larger than life". He's big in every comic book. The only time he gets sized down is in the movies. And yes, this response was geeky as hell...but so what?!


I've read 'em. In fact, I work in a comic book shop, if you really want geek credentials. Beta Ray Bill is a horse in a Thor costume. While kinda cool looking in a what-was-Walt Simonson-smoking way, Billy just waon't play to middle America. The only vaguely cool storyline Thor's had in quite a few years was the Disassmbled arc, and all that was was the Ragnarok myth, pretty much word-for-word. (Although Oeming did a great job translating it.

Thor's one of those guys (like Cap) who just works better in Avengers or guesting in other people's books.

And, yeah: I'll give you Surtur. Thousand foot tall fire monsters are always cool. But Mangog? Simmer down, now.