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Thor Movie Review


Loved it. Thor is one of more difficult characters to transition into a movie and they did a great job.

Gonna see it three more times!


As long as its not a comic movie related to xmen spiderman superman or batman I'm down to see it


that's a in-depth and profound review.

I liked a lot too, it's a shame they made the destroyer a pussy


you didn't like dark knight?

even me, that i'm not a fan of batman appreciated it


Dark knight was great but there are alreay like 29 batman movies. Even a year before dark knight a batman movie came out.

I'm saying its good they are going to bring out other heroes. I think there's a sweetness about bringing out characters not everyone knows about...


As someone who isn't into comics, I'm pumped when a hero I've hardly heard of comes out.


I really want to see this movie. Glad to hear it was a good one..:slight_smile:


Great movie. Very well done.


Thanks Wol I trust your movie opinions.


It was a solid movie, it felt like the two Iron Man movies to me...in a good way, like they are part of one big story (which is of course exactly what the producers meant)
I agree that never did Asgard and all of its Gods seem hokey.


Question, should it be watched in 2d or 3d?


Yeah, same question. The theater down the street is showing it in 2d and IMAX 3d...decisions


I watched it in 3D but wasn't overly wow'd by the 3D effects in the movie (unlike in Avatar for example). You wouldn't miss out on much (if anything) if you went 2D IMO.


I saw it in 3D.

This is my 2nd movie having seen in 3D and I personally don't like it. This is just my opinion on this, but I noticed that the 3 dimensional aspect of it does not allow me to focus on all of it. What I mean is, when I see something with my own vision, my depth perception is much better than how my brain sees it on the screen. This is BY NO MEANS a knock on seeing it in 3D, just my own experience.

Let me start with this, GREAT movie. The guy Chris Hemsworth was a great cast to play Thor. Brings a believable strength and confidence to the character, beyond just the physical stature. The plot was well done, I think the story line jumped around in ways that I didn't fully agree with (those of you who saw or will see it will understand what I mean), but was entertaining.

I was not familiar with the story behind Thor, I never followed comic books so this was me basically learning about him from the start.

Totally agree with Nards, it seems that these comic book turned movies are being herded into something bigger and better.

Yes it's worth seeing for sure.


Thanks for the details, I'm definitely excited to see and and I'm gonna go with 2d.


Same here. It is way harder for my eyes to process what the hell is going on on the screen. Especially when things are moving quickly--like in car chases or action scenes, which is presumably when you want the 3D to look best.


Just came back from watching this with my wife and sons.

Loved it. Now, I liked Iron Man better, but I think they did a reasonable job with such difficult material. I do think there was a little lack in separating one scene from another, but if they included more gradual transitions it would have made the movie too long.

One thing I thought throughout the movie was that Chris Helmsworth is alot more jacked looking than the still pictures show. He is a big guy, in height and in frame. He may not be competition bodybuilder type size, but he had size enough. I read TC's article this morning with regards to most bodybuilders looking like crap, and I believe Chris captured that convex and concave look very well. He was a little too small for me still, but that's just me.


I didnt like the actor they picked, to small for Thor, he looked like Kurt Cobain for half the movie. Either he shoulda packed on some more mass, or they should have picked someone else.

Movie was pretty entertaining though, apparently there was some scene at the end of the credits I missed... damn.


He actually got even more jacked for the role than you see onscreen. However he was forced to lose muscle in order to fit into the pre-made costume. Pretty impressive though.

You can find interviews of him online where he says he was always pretty into training. But the main thing that got him big for this role was the massive eating. After the filming finished, he kept up with the training but dropped the food intake - and shrunk back down to his previous size.


He looks fucking huge, this guy gives me a complex now, I am about 1.5 inches shorter than him and he looks WAY bigger. He makes 6'3 look fucking good.