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Thor Lifts this Weekend


I don’t think that really indicates anything, if you cut depth in wraps you get less rebound. Anyway, it is what it is, I’m sure he’s capable of squatting quite a bit more but he was also going for the total record so he needed to save some energy for the next two lifts.


What I was told by judges from both WPC and IPF is that the center judge will only call depth if it’s blatantly high, from what I see here it looks close at worst but I’m not in the center judges chair and they do have the authority to give red lights for depth any way. And in any case, I really doubt that they were out to get Thor or anything like that, he’s the whole reason there is a WRPF meet in Iceland in the first place. You get judged more strictly on bigger lifts and this certainly was one, at least nobody can say that Malanichev got robbed of his ATWR.


That centre judge was Boris Sheiko, he’s seen a squat or two in his time lol.


If that’s the case then the squat was high for sure. Social media people talk all kinds of bullshit, anything that isn’t ATG doesn’t count until it’s Thor.