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Thor Lifts this Weekend


The third attempt deadlift was kinda what I thought might happen - no issues with strength (makes sense, he’s deadlifted 1041 on the elephant bar before using straps) but grip failed.

Overall, very impressive considering that this isn’t his primary focus.

I could see him doing another meet - but only if he feels he could break the all time world record total. Strongman and TV / movies are where he’s going to make his money in life - this crossover stuff is only (really) useful if it’s going to bring publicity or headlines. It was shrewd to do a meet - got people talking, probably introduced to new fans - but I don’t think there’s all that much incentive to do another unless it’s going to come with something that would serve additional publicity (means either breaking all time total record, or maybe squatting / deadlift 1000; question for you powerlifting nerds, has anyone squatted & deadlifted a grand each in the same meet? My guess is no, because I can only think of one or two people that have pulled a grand in a power meet, but I don’t know the entire world of powerlifting)


Sorry McDonalds Penny Pinchers menu lol


I think Andy Bolton may have, but it was in multi-ply gear.


I believe Andy only took token squats at the 2 meets when he pulled 1000+


Thanks guys. Appreciate the reply.

Point is, now that he’s done one, I don’t see Thor doing another powerlifting meet unless it’s sufficiently lucrative or unless it offers something that will make a ripple in the broader community. I think the guy has a future in TV and/or movies (not as a leading man like Arnold, but as the token giant dude? For sure) so his best move is to do things that will be heard of across different parts of the strength community or wider world. If he felt he could squat or deadlift 1000, that’s the sort of thing that even random guys hear about and click on video links to see. But unless he’s doing that or breaking the all time total world record, I don’t think it would be worth it for him.


He’s made a recent post saying he has a taste for powerlifting and will compete in 2019. As you say, I think we can translate that to “will compete for the right price”.

I reckon he wants no dispute over his world strongest man title. A modern day Kaz. Considering he only had enough time to peak his lifts, you’d think a full 12 week prep will get him there. The only issue is finding the space in his calendar.

The powerlifting geeks will worry about the federation, the wraps, whatever but to the lay person, “All time World Record in Powerlifting”, and World Strongest Man is a convincing argument and very marketable.


It’s only been the last handful of years that the Worlds Strongest Man wasn’t an awesome Powerlifter too. Rienhoudt, Kaz, Jon Pall(iceland), Magnus (iceland), Sven Karlsen, all powerlifters.

If Thor wants to be counted up there with the all time Legends of Strength, or even the baddest dudes from Iceland, he pretty much has to powerlift more.


You guys reckon that putting on more weight would help him out? He weighed near 200kg for this meet but still didn’t look anywhere near fat





I imagine a greater than 5 week training cycle would have been the biggest help.


I think the scary part is that he had much more in the tank for Squats, his Bench was paced pretty well, and he simply chose not to lock out his Deadlift. I’m not him, but judging by the video, I would assume if he fought for it he would have had it.


Dude…the guy had a 460 kg squat in the fucking bag. That depth call was not right.


You can’t see the side angle in the video and all his squats in training that I saw were high so I would go with the judge’s opinion. WRPF is not retarded like the IPF, I give the judges the benefit of the doubt.


I’m thinking his hand tore.


He did look at his hands afterwards, so I’ll assume this was why he abruptly dropped the bar.


It did go up faster than his 440 kg 2nd attempt.


What is your point?


From the instagram red/white light order it looks like the front judge called depth, which should never be a thing.

Everyone is screaming he got robbed, but I wasn’t there and haven’t seen it from the side so no comment other than the above.

Regardless it was an amazing squat, looking forward to see if he does more later.


I was agreeing that his 460 kg. Squat might not have been to depth because it went up faster than his 440 kg. Squat, which WAS to depth.