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Thor Lifts this Weekend

I can’t find the other Thor powerlifting thread so creating a new one. He’s lifting this weekend, so let’s talk some crap.

He posted an easyish 445kg squat a few weeks ago. That is potentially his opener but I think they’ll play it safe and aim for 440kg as the walkout looked very tough. 450 for his second if that goes well and 460kg as the third attempt. I don’t know if this is a sanctioned meet but if it is then that squat makes a WR a reality.

Bench is probably the one which has the biggest question mark. He’s only posted a 3x3 at 220kg. That may be his opener as he probably doesn’t have a clear idea about how much the squat will fatigue him. 250kg is probably the goal.

He’s already said 410 is going to be his deadlift opener and that looked an easy lift. A 430kg deadlift will give him the ATWR if he hit the numbers above. I think that will be his second attempt. The third attempt may be 440 if he got the WR with the other lifts to give him a 10.5kg buffer on the current record.

If something goes wrong with the bench or squat, I reckon he will go as high as 450kg or perhaps even give a touch over 460kg a hail mary to try nab the deadlift WR.


I think he has less on the bench there. Depends on the kind of press calls I think. Hafthor TnGs 245 for a PR I doubt anymore than that or even that will be there with even a decent pause

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I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions about that, some people can bench a little bit more with a pause than t&g. I find that I have more power off the chest with a short pause vs. trying to reverse the bar when its still moving, and I’m not the only one who feels that way. All I can say is that we will see.

His only successful squat was 440kg because of depth on his 420kg opener and 460kg third. It’s too bad he didn’t make more attempts but at least we know the judging isn’t super biased.

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Always hard to tell on video but that second squat looked the highest…

420kg no bueno
440kg good
460kg no bueno

235kg good
245kg good
250kg good

390kg good
410kg good
430kg no bueno

1100kg / 2425.5lbs total


That’s actually me lol. Short pause > TnG

All the squats looked deep to me. It’s not even the IPF

Peak for a meet, come within 40kg of the all time world record while only going 6 of 9.

Yeah, that’s pretty nuts.


If he rocks up to Big Dogs 4 in Australia that squat depth will pass by a mile and he’ll have a monolift. With a bit less than a year until then there’ll be plenty of time to prepare and that total world record will fall if he wants it to

How come there is no monolift at this meet and it’s WRPF? I thought all their meets used a monolift.

That doesn’t surprise me based on his recent training videos, all his squats looked to be just above parallel.

Maybe there’s not even a single monolift in Iceland lol. I imagine if you had one you’d hit up Thor and try to get it shipped to him for the meet

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There must be one somewhere, Thor is a big celebrity so I’m sure some company would be more than willing to send him one so that people see it in his videos. Maybe it’s because he was saying he was going to break the all time world record, which is Malanichev’s and he walked out all his squats, so he wanted to do the same thing so people can’t talk shit.

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That’s sounds more plausible lol


His pay packet for this was as much as Big Dogs, guaranteed. Plus it was in his backyard, so without a big appearance fee and flight/accommodation paid for I doubt you’ll see him compete in powerlifting again.

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All the hype from thor and his coach the last few weeks and he didnt even break the atwr lol

Looks in pockets. I got a dollar.

“You should’ve gone for the depth”


Seems he says he’ll do another competition in 2019. Put that dollar somewhere safe…

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