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Thor Fails 501kg Deadlift


I got those red dots lasered by a dermatologist…in ten minutes he got rid of like twenty of them off my face chest back and side and stomach


lmao what, and hmm, slipping the foot is convenient


in what way is it convenient for your foot to slip on a 1100 lbs deadlift? Are you suggesting he did it on purpose?


Im sure this guy is trying to say that Thor used slipping as an excuse that he failed the lift.


I haven’t seen anywhere that Thor used it as an excuse. I’ve only seen other people bring it up. I might have missed where he said it though, if he did.

I don’t see why he would do that anyway though. It’s not an excuse, it’s a reason. His foot slipped because he got out of position. So regardless of the ‘why’, he didn’t get the pull, and it’s his fault.

Doesn’t matter anyway, I doubt he’ll miss it the next time he tries.


Agreed. He doing anymore powerlifting comps anytime soon?


I doubt it. The 501kg was in a strongman show though. He pull less than 450kg in his PL meet. Don’t remember exactly what it was. But his grip failed him.

EDIT: IF he does decide to do another meet, I would expect it to be around December again, like his last one. He wouldn’t prep for a meet too close to the Arnold or WSM, which are in March, and in the summer. I assume that after WSM, he takes a deload, and probably backs off on the drugs for a bit, then starts working to get into contest shape in late fall. Just a guess though, I don’t have any special insight. I just know what’s typical for high level competitors.


All the drama around Thor right now is comical. People are freaking out that the worlds strongest man is using performance enhancing drugs…

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link? I hadn’t seen this.

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Crazy thing is the interview he admitted it in was over a year ago but news agencies are only bringing it up right now to create drama.


People are god damn stupid. Did they really think The strongest man in the world weighing in at 205kg wouldn’t be taking steroids? Lol


people have really strange ideas about what steroids do, and what they make you look like. A lot of people think if you don’t look like a bodybuilder, you’re not on steroids. A lot of people think steroids don’t actually make you stronger, that they just make you look big but the muscles aren’t strong. I don’t know why people think these things, but they do.


Here you go.


I don’t believe this interview or his admission has been shown or released anywhere before now.


You are assuming people didn’t think he was on steroids.

Let me put an alternative headline up for you: “Shlepper says something known to cost athletes their sponsorship, strip them of titles, ban them from sports and even result in court action. What was he thinking?!?!”.


I was once told of a guy who knew a guy who took steroids, but didn’t work out.

Apparently he got really fat and his heart exploded.

True story.

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Yes I am assuming based off of the responses I’ve seen on social media to Thor admitting to steroids

I give thor points for honesty


I had no idea. Oh well at least professional wrestling is still real.