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Thor Fails 501kg Deadlift


Thor pulled 474kg for an easy new wr

failed 501kg at the knees

Amazing. No suit either.


That’s incredible


Wonder if he’d have gotten it if he took a slightly more conservative opener or second attempt.

Either way, so bummed he missed it. Seemed like he shifted out of position possibly due to the dynamic of the bar. That, or 1,100+lbs is just that heavy.


where was he bleeding from? Looked as if blood just started spurting out of his forehead


A zit or cut that opened up from the internal pressure, probably the former.


Yeah solid attempt elephant bar is a bugger though cause the whip and the bounce. Eddie hall even said he thinks it’s harder to pull from than a standard B.B.


Brad Arbic, (800 lb puller) has a Youtube video that shows Thor’s left foot slipping a little right before he bailed on the lift. Might have gotten it otherwise.

Would’ve definitely gotten it I think, if he didn’t do the 1045 first for the 5 grand.


That’s interesting I’ll check that out. Guess that’s a downfall of deadlifting in socks


That is interesting. His foot definitely moved.


so I’ve wondered about some of these spots where people seem to spontaneously bleed from a heavy deadlift. Have you seen the Larry Wheels deadlift on IG where he bleeds from 3 spots on his chest? What do you think that is? Also zits? lol.


I will actually have acne on my temples that will come to the surface or rupture after a heavy set of deads.

I imagine it’s just a blood pressure thing. It has to go somewhere.


I had some red spots show up on my body. I went to the doctor and he said it was tiny blood vessels that have pushed their way through the surface of the skin.

I asked if it was from the pressure caused by lifting and he said the cause is unknown but probably not.

I found it strange that a doctor could be that uneducated and couldn’t grasp just how awesome I am when lifting. Silly doctors.


Do you mean tiny bright red dots about the size of a grain of sand? I have a random one on my bicep that appeared like 3 years ago and never disappeared or even faded.

@flipcollar Yeah, has to be acne. Probably a bunch of ripe ones that were ready to blow I guess, though it never seems to happen on squats…who knows!


I feel way more pressure squatting than I do deadlifting. Probably not at the poundage on DL to feel that yet tho lol.


The one move I found that was a surefire blood vessel burster was seated axle zercher good mornings off pins. Every time I did that, it looked like I was wearing a blotchy red sweater whenever I’d take off my shirt. Blew out everything on my traps, chest, shoulders, and my face. Deadlifts will do it too, but not to that extent.


Basically. But yes, they are blood vessels so don’t expect them to disappear or fade.


I wonder if it’s a form of hematidrosis. Blood vessels in the sweat glands burst and you sweat blood.

His foot definitely turned out. That 474kg looked easy.


I think when he bumped heads with his buddy, he got a slight cut…


What are you, The Architect of lifting?



Get me injured and I get creative, haha.