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Thomas Inch Dumbbell


I am getting a knock off that is 2.5 inches in diameter, 4 inches for hand space and 18 inches wide. I am just wondering if anyone here has one similar, and if so, what sort of things do they do with it? Deadlifts or overhead press from the ground or both? What sort of weight do you use?


The traditional Thomas Inch DB was 173 pounds, I believe. Just clearing it off the ground was a victory. Getting it overhead meant you were King of the Hill.

I don't have one, but it's always been on my wish list. I suppose you could treat it like any other thick bar training, and do whatever you like (and whatever you can manage).

P.S. - That pic is The Kaz-meister putting the Inch DB overhead. And yes, he is King of the Hill.


Just to put it in perspective, Svend picked a replica up and put it overhead then asked what it was supposed to be for.

Modern strongmen are frickin strong.



kaz did lateral raises with it....


Mark henry I think was the first to clean and press it with one hand


Obviously you didn't see the second post.


Whoa. Is that really true?


Obviously you didn't realise Kaz could press it but not clean and press it.

Apparently Mark Henry can snatch it now. He's also waiting to certify on the number 4 CoC. Waiting until he can close it with BOTH his hands first i think.

As to the original poster: All the imaginative exercises in the world won't help you when you receive the dumbell and won't be able to pick it up.

Use it for over head presses though by getting it to your shoulder with 2 hands.

If you want to be able to lift it then work up to it by slotting a 2.5 inch diameter pvc pipe over your dumbells (if you have any plate loadable ones)
and working up to the approx. 80 kilos in weight.

Lifting the Inch one handed is a grip feat probably more reveered than closing the CoC 3.


I assume you've bought an "Inch" DB handle. Not the same as the actual DB. Like others have said, simply picking up a real Inch DB replica with one hand is quite an impressive feat. If you can do much else with it, very few people have any business giving you advice.


Here is what I am getting:

Yes, it is a handle and not a replica, sorry if that was misleading.

The handle will help me work up to the real deal, but the real deals that I have see are like 300$; a bit too pricey for something that I probably wouldn't even be able to pick up...
That's what I meant when I said how much can people do with it... I want to see how much weight that I can lift with it. BTW: the handle length and diameter are all the same as the original.


Those aren't Inch dumbbells, they're replicas of Louis Cyr's dumbbells (they are lighter). Kaz did a hold with them, not lateral raises though.


check mine:


190 lbs with a 2 inch grip, not press yet, it have almost my weight, drug free so i don't think it's for this summer but maybe next year....i hope so


And here my friend, mike 'the destroyer' Roy, doing it in a special style.....table curl when he dropped it, my inch jump right on my heater and kill it...lol...HARDCORE !!!!




The handle is more useful than a replica. But you could also get a long screw-lock dumbell, and put pvc pipe in the middle, for an instant (and cheap) thick handle dumbell.

You can screw lock the plates tight against the pvc, or loose so that the pvc rolls, you can also make the pvc off-centre if you want. Making it off centre can make it harder or easier to pickup, depending how you hold it.

One exercise that is quite good is holding it for time, or holding it and doing mini-forearm curls.

Holding it for time at different angles.

Swinging it is good, because you are using static strength in your forearm, but the resistance increases through the swing ie you are using iso strength but a variable force.

Have a good time with it!


Our Canadian strongman, press it to


Mark Clean and Pressing the Inch..


I think he is a Mutant.


Thanks, guys. I have seen these dumbbells in the weight room, now I know exactly what they are. I like the "old school" look of them. I can pull the smallest one off the floor (with tremendous effort and really bad form...maybe about 100lbs?) and I really like the wider feel of the grip as compared to standard dumbbells.

Think I may have a new goal in mind. Are there any women lifting these?


Wrong but nice try, there are plenty of refferances to this feat.