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Thomas Herrion 49rs

Any of you guys know if the autopsy has come back yet for Thomas Herrion? He’s the lineman who recently died after a game.

I’m terrible. I always think the worst when I hear of things like that. The first thing that pops into my mind is drugs and the second thing is steroids.

I personally don’t see how you could not do steroids and play in the NFL. That’s how you make your living. You’re competing against the best of best and the competition is freakish.

I remember, in my Al Bundy glory days, being a high school football star. I could not believe how much the bar was raised when I made my jump to college football. And it’s scary to think about the jump from college to the pros. Hell, remember the Boz!

You guys take care and train hard!

The Denver coroner’s office performed an autopsy, but said no cause of death could be determined until toxicology tests were performed which usually take three to six weeks.