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Thom Lamb's Training Log


Quick intro -
Been competing in Strongman for a few years after some powerlifting and a lot of rugby.
My best lift is the dead, 765 last December.
I weigh 275 at prob 10% body fat, I make a living as a trainer.
My goals for this year are to bring up my conditioning and physique and develop more athleticism.

I recently dropped about 40 pounds and completed a pretty intense body comp phase to acheive maximum weight loss without sacrificing strength, while my bench and squat are down everything else is still pretty good and I am ready to switch to a lot more sport specific training now.


Just finished a quick session, 4 400s with 12 chins in between. For me this means that the last couple complexes take a few atttempts to total 12 chins.
Basically I will be following a 7 day routine, not exactly sure how i will lay it out yet.
There will have to be at least one heavy leg day a week and one event day. There should be at least three conditioning workouts either crossfit style or heavier weight complexes.
More to follow after i get out of the shower


A 765 deadlift is just sick man, if you dont mind me asking, whats your diet and training like?


right now my diet is very clean i keep a close eye on my carbs and basically try and follow everything on the site.
I try and get four meals a day in with two to three shakes as well, as many branch chains as i can afford and creatine as well. I hit a minimum of 300 g of protein a day, i try and cycle low and high carb.
When i hit the 765 i was more like 310 and was eating whatever I wanted, the only requirement was that i take in enough protein.
I think for a couple weeks I'll try and record my diet on here - trying to maintain a very ripped and strong physique to help me dominate in strongman


Here's my diet for tomorrow
7 am - protein shake - with cottage cheese, protein powder,blueberries, banana, oats, couple rice cakes with natural pb
930 am post training 100 g simple carbs + 2 scoops of whey + 10 g creatine
12 am - salad, 1/4 avacado, chicken breast
3 pm oatmeal, apple 3 eggs,
6 pm salad
canned salmon 1/4 avacado
9 pm shake
prb train twice tomorrow - an hour a time if i do train i will also throw in another 100 g of simple carbs post


tomorrows training will consist of an hour of speed and power work - prob start with either power cleans or power snatch, then unilateral leg strength and possibly some plyo, or med ball work.
Second session will be good old fashioned squatting, then ham and quad work, maybe a hybrid or complex at the end.


todays training
Session one 8 am
power snatch on the worst bbell ever
205 for 4 doubles - pathetic
then twenty minutes ofsoome very easy broad jumps and triple jumps, with some light med ball work in between
finally 4 sets of pistols per leg and assisted one legged squats
then sauna
ate very clean today - other than some oatmeal, an apple and 200 g of yoguhurt no other carbs
hit tanning bed too - don't care what you say just laying down with nothing to do for 20 mins is anabolic as hell
Second session 2Pm
Deadlift to 675 for two singles
A2G squats - 405 for 4, 4, 6, 5, 5
3 X 20-30 pulldown abs
ten minutes of hanging leg raises and dip bar leg raises

Shoulder is sore as hell - tomorrow will prob be a upper body day with mostly pull and rehab and some metabolic work


Where in Ontario are you from?
Do you live in the Toronto area?
I have been looking for a powerlifting friendly gym in the Toronto area.


I'm in Ottawa - as far as powerlifting friendly gyms you should check out www.ontariostrongman.ca most of the guys that train hard are on there.
I stopped looking for hard core gyms a while ago - luckily I do some heavy stuff at the Y on saturdays but mostly i just train at the goodlife i work at. They have barbells and weights, and as long as i don't scream my head off they seem to actually encourage me.


Tuesday training
3 X 5
then with 20 lb dbell
4 X 5
various grips
barbell curls
135 X 5 X 5 - tried going up to 185 but my shoulder was effing killing me
couple sets of hammer and alternating curls with 75 pound dbells


Wednesday - metabolic circuit
thrusters, inverted row and woodchoppers
5 circuits
20 min of jumps


Westside bench workout
225 8 X 3
255 X 6 X 6
triceps extension strict
60 X 6 X 8
alternating dumbell curls
80 X 1 X 12


light grip work
Saturdsy rest
power clean 120 KG for 6 doubles and triples varying
405 X 3, 495 X 2 X 1
Front squat
225 X 3, 315 X 2
bulgarian lunges
1 set
yes this is a sad ass workout -