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This'll Drive You Mad


Three people go to a hotel. The guy at the desk says the room is $30.00

So each of them pay $10.00 and go to their room.

A while later the guy at the desk realises that the room is only $25.00 so he sends the bellboy to their room with the $5 difference.

On the way the bellboy couldn't figure out how to split the $5 evenly between the 3 of them so he gives $1 to each of them and keeps $2 for himself.

So - The three people each paid $9 for the room which is a total of $27. Add the $2 that the bellboy kept and you have a total of $29.

Where's the other $1 ?!?!?!


It's a word game. There's no reason why those quantities should add up to $30; the amount the three people paid MINUS the $2 the bellboy kept should be equal to $25, which it is. You had me at first though. Each person should have paid $8.33 if the bellboy didn't keep any, which would add up to $25.


what , lol




25 + 3 (1 dollar each) = 28
Bellboy took 2 bucks = 30

Nice trick with the 9 dollars each line though...


30- the 3 he gave them is 27
27- the 2 the guy took is 25
25/3 is not 9 so they didn't pay 9 dollars

You had me there, but I rewrote what Nevans said so I'd look smart.


Okay Renton, empty your pockets!


I will pay you one dollar to never ask me to think of math again in any form.


What nevans said. You aren't concerned with the $30 anymore, it's gone. The $5 is the only real number you can play with.



I like Shoo's explanation.

Parker - forget the dollar, I'll put it with the other $29 and pick up some tequila.


Getting a new ring, are you?


Why not just punch the bellboy next time you see him? That should be worth a buck.


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