This Year's Cycle: 20 Weeks Eq/Sust/Primo/Test/Mast/Tren/HGH

hi everyone then I have set up this year’s cycle which will be:


1-20 1125mg eq ew

1-20 750mg sust ew

1-20 300mg primo ew

1-20 25mg proviron ed

1-20 25mg aromansin eod

1-20 225mg Test p ew

1-20 225mg mast p ew

1-20 225 mg tren a ew

1-20 250 ui hcg ed

1-20 5 ui hgh ed

a little about me, I am 32 years 173 cm tall and weigh 80kg Bf 12 %

have run 5 cycles before:

  1. 500mg sust ew 10 weeks

  2. 125mg sust eod 10 weeks
    100mg npp eod

  3. 750mg eq ew 16 weeks
    500mg test e ew
    50mg proviron ed

  4. 1000mg primo ew 16 weeks
    250mg test e ew

  5. 250mg sust eod
    150mg test p eod
    150mg mast p eod
    150mg tren a eod

the 5. cycle was 1 year ago and has been running 100 mg sust ew and 4 ui hgh ed since then.

the goal of this cycle is strength and a little lean muscle mass max 5 kilos so I can compete in strongman -80

supplements I will take during the cycle:


Life extension Glutathione, Cysteine & C

Life extension Super R-Lipoic Acid

Life extension Lightly Caffeinated Mega
Green Tea Extract

Life extension Ultra Prostate Formula

Life extension Two-Per-Day Tablets


MORPHOMEGA - EFA Matrix & Cardiovascular Support

MORPHOBRAIN - Mental Performance Nootropic Complex

MORPHOCALM - Stress & Hormone Support

MORPHOREM - Total Sleep Enhancement

TUDCA - Advanced Liver Protection

You’re 5’8" and 175lbs… Why is this needed again? RIP my friend


Seems a bit on the low end to me. JK. With your stats and goals this seems like overkill. For strength, why not just run Test and perhaps EQ (at no more than 1.5 grams a week total)? You could through in some A-bombs in the beginning and end with a 20 week cycle to really bring out the strength.

What are your current lifts? Just want to make sure I am not off base in my critique.

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Lol. You’re absolutely fucked. Your e2 is going to be single digits and you’ll pray for the warm embrace of death. Planning a cycle where you absolutely destroy your e2–an insanely anabolic hormone—is one of the worst goddamn ideas you can come up with. Based on your previous cycle results I 100% understand why you’d think this is necessary.


That seems like wayyyy too much gear, and not very well thought out. This appears to be a “if some is good, more is better” type of approach. It appears you are already maxing out your weight class (you might be able to add 5-7kg and still cut back to 80, but you don’t need all those drugs to add that bit of weight), so really your focus should be strength. This seems like a recipe to add tons of mass/fluids not to mention all of the potential sides you’d be battling.

I don’t recommend this cycle, but good luck if you try it and keep us posted as to how it goes.

At 175lbs you’re lifting these? Color me skeptical…

Bench 195 kg

Deadlift 290 kg

Squat 250 kg

Frontsquat 210

Logpress 140 kg

Clean an jerk 165 kg

Snatch 146 kg

OP… I’m not trying to be a dick, but something just doesnt sound right. So if you do these lifts… it still doesn’t make your cycle ‘right’. Lets figure out something better. I like your last cycle less the sust. If your goal is as you stated… 5 kilos and strength wouldn’t this work?

I agree, I am skeptical, but not in a cynical way so much as hard to believe because these are ELITE level numbers at that BW, all of them are. Which isn’t impossible, but I can’t imagine running all of that gear if you’re already that strong.

They are possible at that weight and height, but OP would be a very good lifter. I think I could hit those numbers at about 200 lbs, but would need to be jacked to do so, and probably use a water cut. I am 2" taller though, so I would guess those numbers could happen at about 190 lbs for me if I was 2" shorter and jacked as hell.

I’ve conversed with a guy who had lifts like this at about that height and bodyweight. He used a lot of gear to do it, and was shredded.

I am not saying OP can or can’t do the claimed lifts. They are the type of lifts that I need to see proof (both of the lift, and of the lifter being the claimed size).

The point is that if these are real lifts, or within 15 kg of the actual lifts, OP is a serious competitor, and I may not choose to use those dosages, but they are likely par for the course at his level.

Many of the guys who got that strong, achieved it though big cycles. His last cycle was 1,400 mg/wk of test, 525 mg/wk mast, and 525 mg/wk tren. IME, for most of the elite untested lifters, that is how it is achieved (there are genetically elite outliers who do it with moderate cycles).

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That’s fair, He did say those were his best lifts, not his current lifts. I assumed them to be current, but maybe they’re not

I would be interested to see a picture. OP claims 12% bf, but may be leaner. It would be hard to be much leaner and still be that strong though.

To achieve these lifts at that size, I think genetics for strength need to be there. IMO, only a few out of a hundred could do it with drugs. Natty, less than 1/100.

I would be quite happy with those numbers at 200 lbs, and I think I would have to be a jacked 210, with a 10 lb water cut.

Probably more gear than you need for your goals, but you’re gonna do it anyways, train and eat hard and have fun my man.

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Can we see some before and after pictures of this?

Sounds extreme!

I’d be interested to hear why you’ve chosen so many compounds to run all at once?

Also- specifically why are you running Sustanon and Test P? Why not just a higher amount of prop or another single ester?

Don’t read my questions as if I’m saying you’re wrong… they’re questions for me to understand what you’re doing. Genuinely interested in this stuff (I’ve only ever run a short Test blast).

Joined 6 hours ago. Seems a bit troly to me??

Op’s gone. Never to return again. Have to go check Reddit now to see if he’s there.

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