This world is going to shit

anyone hear or see the video of the gunman that burst into a bahmitzvah or whatever they’re called and killed 6 people? Fucking sick…

I didn’t see or hear about that but that fucking pisses me off. It seems that the Columbine boys started a trend that is spreading to all ages. I am sure that most of you heard about the forty year old that went into a Law School in Virginia and started blasting away. It is shit like this that fuels my training. I try to train off of my anger, as well as a shit load of food too, but yeah that is fucking sick. What is this country coming to?

No dude, this was in like Jerusalem. The guy was Palestinian trying to retaliate for something who knows what. They’re all fucking crazy.

Well,you know,one guy does it,gets on TV,next thing you know,everybody feels left out,everybodys doing it,grab a gun,work out some frustrations on a crowd. Do you think that there maybe a deeper thing going on here than just peer-preshure or “the lone nut” expination. To bad the so-called investigators don’t seem to be able to find any common links. Until then get off
the Prozac and start

The situation in Isreal is a bit different than in the US. People get murdered for lots of reasons on all corners of the globe. The world is no more going to shit now than it ever was. Some people are whackos, some are fanatics, some are just evil. A good part of why this shit seems so prevalent is that the media jumps on it so quick. I have to admit that 5 billion lived mundane lives and didn’t get murdered today would be a dull story.

STeve F…I don’t appreciate you saying that the Palestinians are all fucking crazy. What’s crazy is all the Palestinians trying to live their everday lives for the past 40 yrs that involves trying to duck from shooting bullits and have a funeral every day because of Israeli military. I’m a Palestinian, and I know what’s happening there, and I don’t think you have any merit in commenting like that until you know all the facts.
First off, it’s not all Palestinians enjoy what’s going on. It’s the terrorist organizations!! You don’t see anyone saying that all white people are the KKK!!! Because it’s not true. Just as it’s not true that all Palestinians, or even Arabs are terrorists. I could just easily say all Jews are killing my people, but I know better than that, to put everyone in the same category. I know it’s the Israeli govt that’s doing these awful things to my people, and to my family. And I know there are Jews who do agree with the Israeli govt, but there are who don’t.
So if I were you, I would think long and hard before saying that a certain group of people are “fucking crazy or sick”. Just because you only see what the media wants you to see, it isn’t the whole story.
What’s fuckin sick is people especially little children have to live their entire lives looking behind their back, and only have stones to defend your self. That is what is FUCKING SICK!!!

Sorry for the confusion, but I didn’t mean to imply that just palestinians are crazy. There’s crazy people EVERYWHERE.

Areej, no Israeli soldiers attack palestenian kids. Period. The soldiers only retaliate when they are threatened by palestenians, and even then they rarely ever fire live ammunition, but they retreat, which makes the palestenian kids truely believe that the soldiers are scared of them, which leads to them attacking the soldiers again. Why exactly do the little kids have to look behind their backs all the time? Do the soldiers bust into the mosques and shoot the praying with m16s? Do the soldiers plant bombs in fast food restaurants? Do the soldiers go into crowded markets and blow themselves up with bombs riddled with nails and broken glass in order to wound as many people as possible?

NO, the ISRAELI soldiers don’t do that, that’s what the palestenian “heroes” do. Do you know why the Israeli soldiers don’t do that? not because they CAN’T, but because they have MORALS and they understand that killing a defenseless 6 year old girl doesn’t make you brave.

Until all the terrorists from your country advance their culture and way of life thousands of years forward until they reach the present, there will never be peace.

I’m wondering about this. What is a Palestinian? Since when was there ever a country named Palestine? I’m aware of an area that the British partitioned up in the 40s and named it Palestine. What were the Muslim inhabitants of that area called before and why is it such a big deal? Are they so fundamentally different from their Arabic brethren that they just have to live in that one spot? There is a lot of area in the Middle East that the Arabic Muslims control where I’m pretty sure they could live a peaceable existance, why stay in a place and suffer, kill, and die when just a few miles away you’d have no troubles? Wouldn’t it be easier to pack a suitcase rather than strapping on a bomb? Come to think of it most of the areas now in dispute were partitioned up arbitrarily, Pakistan, India, and Kashmir were just India once…then the British carved it up.

SteelyEyes- palestine isn’t a country, but it’s an area. During the 1920’s, when the arabs who lived in israel (palestenians) started rising up against the jewish people who moved to israel, the British took some steps in order to seperate the two peoples (Britain had control of the area at the time). One of those steps was dividing the area into two parts- Jordan (for the arabs), and Israel (for the jews), but the arabs pledged to stay in Israel and fight the Jews until they were gone from Israel.

Why don’t the palestenians move to arab countries?
You’d have to ask them, but if you want my opinion, the main reason is that they want the land, and the other reason is that the other arab countries simply want nothing to do with them.

First of all, to deny the Palestinians a unique identity is like saying Australia is not a distinct nation apart from England since the language and religion (for the most part) are the same. Also, at the time of the British partition of Palestine, it should be mentioned that the Jews made up only 7% of the population of the region, but were given half of the land. Even that 7% got there by massive immigration. It should be noted that most of the 7% did get land by legal means, like purchasing them from Arab owners. I don’t see how that entitles them to half the land.

As for the behavior of the Israeli soldiers, read “A Gaza Diary” from a recent issue of Harper’s Magazine. In the two weeks the author spent in the Gaza Strip, he saw several Palestinian boys killed by the Israeli soldiers for throwing rocks at them. Often they were goaded by insults in Arabic broadcast over a bullhorn to lure them in. It made me feel sick. I can’t think of any terrorist act that justify such a response.

Checkout It is a website maintained by American Jews who are opposed to the Israeli policies.

i don’t know if i agree with that, i just thing that in today’s world the extremes are worse

India got attacked again by a group of militant extremists, and things in the middle east look pretty fucked up. It looks like we’re on the verge of having WW3.