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This Will Be My First Cycle

Weeks 1 - 10(/12) - Test C 400mg
Weeks 1 - 6 - Tbol 60mg Every day

2 Weeks after last pin
Nolva - 40/40/20/20

Aromasin12.5mg EOD

Do I need to take Aromasin through out my cycle? What is recommend for a good liver support? If there is anything else i should be taking let me know!

Looks solid to me, tbol is my favorite oral. Beware of the pumps though, they’ll most likely pop up the last week or two (at least they do for me, every one is different). The last couple times I ran tbol I didn’t have a preset length in mind, I just went till I couldn’t stand the pumps. Taurine helps some (8-10g per day), I’ve also heard eat several bananas per day as the potassium may help. Foam rolling can provide some temporary relief, I’ve had times where I had to roll out between every set.

For the AI dosing, that should work to start and just monitor how you feel. Getting bloods done is another option obviously, there are online services where you can order your own blood tests much cheaper than going to a doctor’s office.

Looks good. Yes the AI should be used throughout the entire cycle and possibly up to the beginning of pct, could even overlap a little. For me that dose might be a little weak for that much test but thats me. If you do notice that you are retaining more water than you should then that might have to do with the half life of aromasin. It is only 8-9 hours and you are taking it EOD. The only times I have been able to successfully use aromasin on a cycle is when my aromatizing compounds were dosed at a level where I needed aromasin ED. Unfortunately most of those tablets are 25mgs and trying to break them into quarters so you can take it every day is just not realistic. You probably won’t have any issues but just something to keep in mind as you watch yourself. I have found that a way for me to monitor my water retention successfully is I watch the indentions my socks make on my calf. That’s where I tend to hold extra water so if that part of the calf just above the top of the sock is popping out then I know I am retaining too much water and usually that is because of to much estrogen. That method is just a quick reference method that works for me it does not take the place of a blood panel.

As far as liver support look into TUDCA. Around 250 mgs a day should be ok. I take that along with milk thistle. I use milk thistle no matter what but if I am taking an oral then I use TUDCA as well.

I like your choice of Tbol, it’s one of my favorites. Depending on the quality you might not even need 60mgs a day. I tend to go 30 mgs ED the first two weeks, then 40 mgs for two weeks, then 50mgs. I only stick with a consistent dosage at the end of a cycle, the step up protocol is for when I use it as a Kickstarter.

Good luck, and DONT FORGET TO EAT!!!

Forgot to put in, if you can handle the cost then push it to 12-14 weeks. Ten weeks with a cypionate/enanthate is the bare MINIMUM for you to see full results with that long of an ester.