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This Week's Workouts


Hi all

I told myself that as soon as I finished this week?s workouts I was going to get amongst this thread so here it goes.

26 years old, 6 foot, 97kg

Tuesday Back
60kgx5; 80kgx4;100kgx4;120kgx3;130kgx3+1 (the +1 refers to reracking the bar on the squat rack)
T-Bar Rows (bar weight not included)
1-Arm DB Rows
25kg DBs x 8/8; 30kg DBs x 8/8; 32.5kg DBs x 4+4+2/4+3+2

Wednesday Chest (terrible session as I missed the bus to the gym, meaning I was half an hour behind schedule and so I lost my enthusiasm)
Max Rack Bench Press
80kg x 6; 85kg x 6; 90kg x 6; 92.5kg x 4 + 3 + 2 + 1
Incline Press
60kg x 8; 65kg x 8; 67.5kg x 8
Cable flies (no idea what the weight was because it uses a number system and I am pretty sure each plate isn?t 5 or 10 kg) ? 3 sets of 12

Thursday Arms
Alternating DB Curls
5kg DBs x 8/8; 10kg DBs x 8/8; 12.5kg DBs x 8/8; 15kg DBs x 8/8; 17.5 KG DBs x 8/8; 17.5 kg DBs x 8/8; 20kg DBs x 8/8 (sloppy last set)
EZ Bar Curl
22.5kg x 8; 25kg x 8; 27.5kg x 8; 30kg x 8; 32.5kg x 8; 32.5kg x 8
Hammer Curl drop set
worked my way from 10kg DBs x 8/8 up to 15kg x 5/5 then drop sets back down to 10kg DBs.
Tricep V-bar pressdowns
40kg x 8; 50kg x 8; 60kg x 8; 65kg x 8; 65kg x 8
HS Dip
80kg x 8; 80kg x 8; 80kg x 8
Rope pressdown drop set starting at 30kg

Friday legs
40kg x 10; 50kg x 10; 60kg x 5 sets x 10 (my form keeps dropping out around 80-90kg so I am trying to work on high reps at a lower weight)
Leg Curls
45kg x 8; 65kg x 8; 70kg x 8; 75kg x 8 ; 77.5kg x 8
Seated calf raise
40kg x 8; 40kg x 8 ; 45kg x 8
Calf Extensions
45kg x 8; 55kg x 8

Saturday lats and biceps
Chin ups
bodyweight held for 10 seconds; BW + 3.75kg x 5
V-Bar pulldowns
30kg x 8; 45kg x 8; 60kg x 2 x 8; 65kg x 2 x 8 (can?t seem to progress weight on these anymore)
HS Pulldown
40kg x 8; 50kg x 8; 55kg x 8 (first time on these, not sure if I am a fan).
Wide-grip pulldowns
40kg x8 ; 45kg x 8
Preacher bb curls (bar weight not included)
10kg x 8; 15kg x 8; 20kg x 4 x 8/8/6/6
Pin Wheel Curls
12.5 kg DBs x 8/8; 15kg DBs x 2 x 8/8

Sunday shoulders
Max Rack shoulder press (75 degree angle)
30kg x 8; 40kg x 8; 50kg x 8; 55kg x 8; 57.5 kg x 8; 60kg x 8; 62.5kg x 5 + 1 half-rep; 62.5kg x 3; 62.5kg x 3 + 1 half-rep
DB Shoulder press
22.5 kg DBs x 8; 25kg DBs x 7; 25kg DBs x 5; 25kg DBs x 5
2-arm lat raises
10kg DBs x 8; 10kg DBs x 8
1-arm heavy lat raise (body English involved)
12.5 kg DBs x 8/8; 15kg DBs x 6/6
Lat raise static holds (not sure if this is the right term, I just hold a heavy DB in each arm as far away from my body for as long as possible)
15kg DBs for 20 seconds
Face pulls
30kg x 8; 40kg x 8

Still trying to get back to the strength and endurance I had just before Christmas (I was in the US on holidays for 5 weeks over Christmas with only 2 gym sessions and nowhere near enough protein).

Goals for this quarter (i.e. by end of March are):
Bench Press 100kg x 6 (5kg more than in November last year when I was at my strongest);
Deadlift 160kg x 3 (10kg more than November last year);
Shoulder press 67.5kg x 6