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This Weekend's Nutrition

I just wanted some advice on my nutrition plan that I am using this weekend.
I wanted to cut as much carbs out as I can and increase my protein intake, basically maintaining my weight (149 lbs). This is just for today (Saturday) and tomorrow (sunday)… my week is alot more balanced in terms of carbs…

8:30am - Bowl of protein oats(50g,)two extra scoops (20g each) of protein powder, two eggs
10:30 - 12 workout (took 3g creatine and 500ml pre-workout energy shake)
12:10pm - 300ml protein shake with 3g of creatine
14:10pm - Bowl of protein oats, two extra scoops of protein powder, two chickn breasts, cheese
16:30pm - 100g haddock, 50g cottage cheese, two eggs, glass of low fat milk
19:30pm - Tonight I am going out for dinner, going to have a small steak fillet/potato slices/tomato

9:00am - Bowl of instant oats with a scoop of protein powder
12:00pm - 100g Haddock, glass of low fat milk
15:00pm - Protein smoothie (100g cottage cheese/tbsp of peanut butter/two scoops of protein power/250ml of milk and ice)
18:00pm - Two 100g Haddock, 100g cottage cheese, baked potato, glass of low fat milk

is there any reason why you want to cut carbs out on the weekend in particular? just wondering.

well to be honest not a major reason, just that I take sunday off and only workout saturday morning for the weekend. Also heard it was good to cycle carbs and protein intake, like that have high days of one and low days of the other, so i though that having two high protein days during my week could keep me lean for the weekend and preserve muscle mass gained during the week…

Carb cycling is a great way to eat and can be manipulated to gain muscle, lose fat, maintain, and anything in between. Check out elitefts and Shelby Starnes’s/Justin Harris’s logs and questions on Carb Cycling. Heres an article on it:http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_nutrition/a_beginners_guide_to_carb_cycling

Hope this helps.

sweet thanks man