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This weekend's fights


Fight of the Year winner, right here. Happened Friday night, this was one of the greatest brawls I've ever seen.




And finally, in his tuneup fight, my boy Juan Manuel Marquez. All day bitches, Pac's next.


Textbook parrying counter and MOFO straight.


There's some speculation Ramos took a dive in that fight, I'm not so sure he did. I know he wasn't hurt badly enough to be out cold for the amount of time he's but that could just be because he wanted an easy payday and didn't care. Regardless, I've never seen a fighter "out" like that stumble then land to minimize impact before being out cold.


Pawel Wolak's eye/face was insanely swollen! so gnarly! this pic doesnt even do it justice


Yeah Ramos probably wanted absolutely no part of JMM and parked his ass on the floor first chance he got. Which is fair, because he would have recieved a monstrous walloping from the old Mexican.

Wolak fight was insane.


Happened to catch from the 5th on. That dudes cheek looked like someone implanted an anvil in it. Awesome fight.


Wow i still can't believe that is real, it fits like 3 times his normal eye size.


What are people thinking on Khan - Judah? The odds on Jab are nuts. 4 - 1. I think he might have it.


I missed the fight. Caught the results.

Did you see the fight? Was the punch legal?


Looked legal to me. I think Zab just pulled a quit job because he was getting beaten up. Khan was very impressive.


After watching this I agree.


I think the punch shouldn't have been ruled a low blow. The rules are a little ambiguous but high trunks, ones at or above the belly button really make it hard to call shots legal or illegal. It looked like Khan connected on the band of the trunks so if anything he caught the very top of the cup.

Since Judah never contested the count or did anything to to get up before the count of 10 I'm assuming the shot either caught his body much harder than I thought or he wanted to call it a night and try another comeback. I'm not so sure people will buy his excuse though. I think he most likely went down from the punch but chose to stay down.


Zab has been shot for years. The limey press will use this as further proof that King Con is the greatest thing since Prince Naseem only to be heartbroken again...


It's ridiculous, that well know limey hack, Bernard Hopkins, was interviewed right after the fight, telling the world how impressed he was with Khan. "The future of boxing is in safe hands, he is a star of the future", as B-Hop (Limey bastard) put it.

Seriously it was a comprehensive dismantling of a vastly more experienced fighter. Now Khan needs to step up and fight someone the doubters can't claim (retrospectively) is well past it.


I disagree. Zab beat Matthysse (or lost narrowly) and looked better doing it than old Devon Alexander did. And DV, you may remember, was defeated in marginal fashion by Tim Bradley. Khan is, beyond a doubt, the man to beat in his division. Even though iron chinned warriors with pop are always going to give him a hard time, he's going to be a bad night at the office for just about anyone.


You have no idea why BHop is saying the things he says, but you never take him at his word. He could be looking for a contract from someone, could be looking to have someone he knows get trained by Freddie Roach, he could be looking for a million different things.

Khan is not the star of the future. Maybe to Britain he is, but that's anyone with a pulse in boxing really.

Zab is, and was, fucking shot.


Listen man, I was ringside for both of those fights, one against Matthysse and the other against Mabuza. He barely, BARELY won the Matthysse fight, and got knocked down and was running for his life in a couple of those rounds.

Against Mabuza he looked TERRIBLE the entire time, and I, along with most people at ringside, thought he was going to get walked down and knocked out at that fight. He happened to land one very hard punch that KO'd him, but he lost most of the rounds of that fight in my eyes also.

Listen, dude's done. He hasn't been good for years and even when was in his prime he would shit out after five rounds.

Beating this clown is not a king maker thing for Khan, just as it wasn't when he barely escaped from Maidana after running the last two rounds.

He is a good fighter, he's fast and he's got power, but I have a really hard time rooting for a glass chinned warrior that Freddie Roach trains.