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This Week Workout IBB Phase 3


Here are two leg workout from I,BODYBUILDER program phase 3.

Any tips?



Get a better angle.

Dont wear so much cotton.

Ask a better question.


I'm working on the angle there were my first vids. The diagonal from the front is that better?


How can I improve? Technical tips? Position: foot, barbell, hands? Depth?

Thanks for the answer.



your names stand and handle is stanimal, thats pretty crazayyyyy


Terrible music

I couldn't get past that


Ok thanks any useful comment?
Or is the forum part of the site just useless?
My bad if you have bad taste in music btw... Never heard about "mute button"...?



Something looked off on your jump squats...

Front view (second video) of the 135lbs front squat, your knees looked pretty shaky? Not sure what that was?