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This Week I Realized....

i’m no longer 21 yrs old im actually 37 :smiley:

i have never been a athlete or a gym junkie until 14months ago

i stilll haave so far to go on my journey,learning everyday from forums like this with the great info they store…

while my workouts may seem like warmups to some people i think the most crucial thing i learned this week was recovery time, not between sets but like having a day off altogether to let my muscles repair themselves …

while i look late 20s and act early teens :smiley: my body is 37 yrs old and only getting older lol

so instead of 5-6days straight of morning jog and evening weights i am now gonna do 2 days one day off type thing

main goal is to shift this belly fat i have had since i was 11yrs old,trying to maintain most of the muscle i have built over the past year

also i have learnt my weight training stats (i.e weight pushed) will not increase whilst always on a cal deficit. :smiley:

also i have learnt there is a difference between bodybuilding and power lifting…

anyways just a thanks to all the people who post on these forums i dont have much to give back as in knowledge but i read lots of the posts on these forums and find them motivational and very educational

thanks :smiley:

Sweet Adidas kicks!

thanks :smiley:

i have posted some squat form checks in beginners forums

if u get time can u check them for me pls

i did get feedback already but 2nd opinion is always good


Welcome, Michael.

thank you :smiley:

Very important insight there, my man! Good thing about never having been an athlete or a gym rat though is that you don’t have to fight the demon of PRs past… I would suggest however that you do at least a little something every day, even if its ‘only’ stretching or agility work. It’ll do wonders for your recovery.

ji jason yes

i plan to at least walk 3mile a day

what i have been doing is
get up and walk.jog 3miles on my treadmill (usually between 25 and 40mins depending on my pace sometimes i do the 3.4m so its the 5k thing…)

then six hours later do my lifting whatever that may be on the day
i try to do legs one day,back and biceps,chest and tricep,then bench/deads/squat one day,never really had a plan just trying to hit all muscle groups at least once a week…

im doing a program i found on here now which i will do either one day on one day off or 2 on 1 off…but will always do my 3mile a day as i find that it really just clears my mind for the day and keeps my diet in check too as if i do that every day (boring) it kinda makes me stick to a better diet so it isnt wasted time :smiley: