this sucks

i started a tren/winny cycle a couple weeks ago but i stopped it b/c i was losing hair at a significant rate. once i stopped the hair is looking thicker. i love doing cycles but i’m only 25 and don’t want to go bald any quicker than i have to. i’m taking propecia and taking that plus not doing drugs hard on the hair line seems to be working. my questions—> is there a good cycle to do that isn’t going to cause hair loss? which drugs are more prevalent to causing hair loss?

Hair loss is based on genetics, not drug use. Chances are, if your dad is bald and his dad is bald, you will be bald too. Chemicals only speed up the process.

If you like, you can choose to stay away from most strong androgens that convert to DHT. This won’t halt the process, but it won’t make the situation any more “hairy” than it needs to be ROFL. Good luck.