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This Snake got Huge!!!!!!!


Watch in full screen mode at youtube, it's even more impressive.


Make sure you turn the sound up to hear the announcer


Lol all i gots to say is my pants are brown now...


I hate you so....so.....much....

My pants, my laptop, and my scalding hot green tea, also hate you with a passion.


That's big ass snake. Pisses me off the audio is so low.


HAHAHAHAHA. I was laying in bed with the laptop on my knees. The laptop didn't remain on my knees..... it hit the floor.

Then I laughed at myself. Good one.


Holy shit! That snake could talk!


you dick!


Well I'm off to buy new underwear


Got me


Haha, i got a huge rush from watching this the first time. It was a classic adrenalin rush and it felt awesome. So i wanted to share it and see if others felt the same and apparently they do. I posted this in the thread killer thread and i'm damn sure no one watched it, so here it is. Huge fan of sci fi stuff of this nature.

Sorry though if you actually had accidents, but i couldn't let on what was going to happen.


The bad from my tea accident is going to be completely offset by the joy of scaring the shit of those who lurk my facebook :slight_smile:




Lol, that could be good!


Little Fucker!


oh you bastard


I have a hard time believing a snake that big can strike that fast.


Reading the comments spoiled it a little bit. Still made me flinch though xD


Holy shitballs imagine what that thing eats


Oh you dirty mother fucker you got me bad!