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This Shit For Real!?




Can the webmasters or someone that knows confirm this? Is it a bad joke? Notice that the IRLB website doesn't have a .gov at the end of their web address.

If this is true then I am gonna PUKE! How do we fight this?


Vote differently in the next election.


In the words of William Wallace as played by Mel Gibson in Braveheart...FREEEEDOOOMMM!!!


It's a bad joke.




I'm sorry, but if you believed that, you're a total and complete idiot.

Actually, I'm not sorry at all.
Don't be a freakin dumbass.


Not as idiotic as one of the others who believed it:

"you bitches just had to take the fun out of the internets god damn nazi's why dont you go join the aryan race why dont you asshole"