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This Seems Not Right. Test Cyp. Bizarre Results


I just started TRT a month ago. The doctor put me on 200mg a week of test cypionate. I injected 100mg every 3 days, and 250iu of HCG on the same schedule.

3 weeks later, my test results came in with my T levels at 2200. My last injection was last Wednesday. I stopped injecting and got tested again yesterday, which was Monday. My test level came in at 649.

Now this seemed very strange to me, because from what I read online, the half life for cypionate is 8 dayes. It is supposedly “long-acting”. My pre-TRT t-level was 579. So basically, ALL the test C. I had in my system cleared in about 6 days.

I’m just curious if anyone can offer an explanation for this.


200mg T/week is really high and guys can have trouble getting ‘balanced’.
But we do see doctors doing stupid things all of the time and your dose is becoming a disturbing fashion.

Are you filling a script for T or paying doc or clinic for T?

You were injecting 233mg/week.

Some guys clear T faster than others, variable effective half-life.

With TT=2200, what was lab timing re prior injection.
What was your objective? If you want lower TT, simply lower dose and keep injecting E3D.

Your high T dose can create these potential problems:

  • high risk of high E2 levels that can negatively affect energy, libido, mood etc
  • moderate risk of high hematocrit [serious] requiring blood donations or removal
  • more MP baldness if you have genetics for that
  • more acne and other skin issues

Your TRT is stupid and that indicates that your doctor is typical and does not really understand anything.


  • self inject 50mg T SC/SQ, not IM, twice a week, upper leg, pinch up skin and inject into end of fold with needle parallel to muscle layers with #29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringes
  • 0.5mg anastrozole oral at time of T injections, adjusting to get near E2=22pg/ml
  • 250iu hCG SC/SQ E2D or E3D
  • always to labs halfway between injections to reduce lab timing artifacts, time of doctors visit can be wrong

You need to know what your doctor does not. You cannot be passive with your hormone health care.

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