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I want to start off by saying thanks to those who take the time to answer beginners questions. Reading through these forums has changed my body completely. I am 17 years old and weighed 180 lbs at 5 10" now I weigh 140. This is all because of following a diet and working out 5 times a week. I feel better about myself now and have alot more energy. For all you people just starting a work out plan read through this site and I promise you will find all the answers to your questions.

Thanks T-Nation


Oops... bump.


Since you read the site... now you know you have to bulk up, 140 is considered concentration camp skinny.


smells like another case of manorexia...

I wonder when the phenomena for men to aspire to look like waifish girly fashion models started?


i wish i was only 140lbs.
last week i squatted after a month off thinking i had lost some weight the next day i was horrified when i weighed 6 lbs heavier.
"just for squatting?"




Man, I think just one of my legs weighs 140...


my middle leg does


I know that I should be bulking up. I started using protein powder a few weeks ago. Thanks for the input.


If that's all you're changing since the 40lb. weight loss, you may want to read some more...


I was deathly skinny at 155 pounds about a year ago at the same height...i can only imagine another 15 gone.

I have been in your shoes man, i was a fatty after high school and dieted down to extreme lows because "a low weight is better than being fat"... I now sit at 190 and am still gaining.

Protein powder wont do anything...ANYTHING...for your physique. It isnt steroids or supplements, merely powdered food. You might as well have said "I started eating chicken breast". If you want help from someone who has been there, PM me and i will do what i can.


I was 160 at 6'3" now I'm 205 and still eating. Like the guy above said, feel free to shoot off some questions. I think John B. said, "Weight is your war and your weapon is a fork."


I disagree homeboy. You just said it's not a supplement. If you were to take 1 single supp, I'd pick Powder.

For some, it's hard to eat your weight in protein grams and the powder 2 x a day can give an extra 80 grams. Especially if you are on the go constantly.


Buddy im 17 and I weigh 220 at a height of 5 10. Good job losing fat but 140 is way to light especially if you work out 5 days a week. Eat lots of food. Concentrate on building lean mass. A little extra fat won't hurt ya.


the reason i dont consider protein(powder) a supplement is because its readily availble in its native form...FOOD! That is all it is, a convenient, rich source of protein. Do you consider a smoothie to be a supplement? How about powdered milk? I consider HOT-ROX a supplement because you cant get it in your diet, it must be supplemented.