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This Pisses Me Off?


How many times have you guys ever been accused of cheating because you choose to use steroids? Also, what are some of your responses?

For some stupid reason people think that all you have to do is take the "magic" shot or pill and that whammy you're a musclebound freak. People have no idea of the totality of the circumstances behind what we do. They don't see what we eat, or don't eat for that matter. They don't see the hours that we spend in the gym. And they just plain don't understand period.

Ha Ha Cheating my ass.

Then I hear how steroids are illegal. Poke me with a needle boys and I'd probably explode. Why in the hell are steroids illegal? How many of you honestly started taking steroids with no significant thought about it at all? I bet very few. Most of you took your bodies as far as you possibly could natually. You guys did your homework and then got your gear.

In today's society it's ok for a man to get breast implants. It's ok to wake up one morning and say, "Doc cut my pecker off I wanna be a girl." Doctors will do those type of surgeries. Now go ask your doc for a script of juice so you don't have to risk going to jail (and everything that goes with that) and he starts bring up how it's an ethical and moral violation. He starts telling you about all the bad side effects. Hmmm, let's look at the list of side effects for coffee! Tobacco! Alcohol!

Geesh, we're grown men. Let us decide for ourselves. Ha Ha I feel like Bravehart getting ready to scream, "FREEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!" and go charging down the hill. Ha Ha Ha

OK, T-Bros, enough ramblings of a pissed of tired and slightly drunken mad man. As Forest Gump would say, "And that's all I have to say about that." Ha Ha You guys take care and keep postng! I learn something new every day.


Maybe we should get TC to write another letter re: supplements using this example!
Great thoughts there mate.


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While I agree that educated guys such as the members of this board are responsible enough to take anabolics, the majority of prospective juicers are not...this sucks for us, but ultimately will prevent the avg. joe who's wanting to get huuuuuuge overnight from walking into a supp store and downing a handful of dianabol as if it were skittles.



Come on, Mike. Everyone knows that you are meant to pour milk on your D-bol and eat them like cereal.


Just curious, in countries where steroids are legal do they have a lot of reported cases of people abusing them?


I would say no...Alcohol is a perfect example of something that is illegal in the u.s. for people under 21, wheras
most countries in europe allow teens to drink without question and don't have the kind of numbers that the u.s. does with regards to alcohol related deaths...Kind of peculiar don't you think.



Im an amateur MMA fighter... there's lots of guys using GH, and they are slow and gas really quickly...they hit like girls cuz their arms are so heavy with muscle...but if they take you down...you might be in trouble, then they can really use their roid strength... i consider it cheating, but for MMA, the best fighters DO NOT juice. I fight in the 170lb range (Welterweights) and most dry themselves out from like 190... i also consider this to be bullshit...my two cents


Do cops even give a crap about roids? The last one I talked to asked if I was juicing like you would ask someone what time it was. Then we started b.s.ing about supps and lifting. It was actualy kind of funny. I don't use so I can't speak about the pro's and cons from personal experience, but there is a lot worse out there that a person can do than build some muscle.



you're the same guy that was posting pictures of fighters and saying their using AAS, with no evidence whatsover, except they're all bigger than you.

i understand that you're a young guy (from your profile), and might not know better, but that kinda thing can get you in a bind...

that being said, as a competitive fighter, it's more important to learn technique before you develop strength, because a lot of people will "muscle" their way throguh in instead of learning it. and at your age (16 YO), you shouldn't even concern yourself with AAS. as far as your training is concerned, ytour on the right track-just don't get too wound up on what people are on. it'll just waste your time and energy, instead of focusing on learning and enjoying your training..

also, Mike Tyson's arms are kinda heavy with muscle....but he hits pretty hard.


nope, we don't. i've never heard of any other guys in my area (Iowa) busting anybody for steroids....to be honest, it's not really an issue. meth and crack are a little bigger deal...


people probably accuse you of cheating because you are, in fact, cheating. steroids are an illegal drug that give you an unfair advantage over athletes who choose not to use steroids. i guess i just don't see any validity in your argument. TRUE, you still have to work hard to get where you want to be (if you are using steroids) but never the less, you are still using an illegal drug that is giving you an unfair advantage. basically what you're saying is that just because you still have to lift weights and watch your diet that you are not cheating and that is just ludacris. another point to your argument was that if you use them right and don't incur any side effects then you aren't cheating....but you still are. taht really has nothing to do with your argument.

bottom line is that steroids are an illegal drug and by you choosing to take them you have an unfair advantage over those who choose to not use them. i have no problem with people using steroids. you are right in saying that you are an adult and make your own choices but don't come on here and try to say you're not cheating by taking them because that is just stupid.



i think the point Wolfen was making, was that since he's not competing in anything, he's not cheating in anything. kinda hard to have one without the other...


CS, i think this comes from a physique standpoint. cheating as in cheating your way to bigger arms, or a thicker back. not as in taking roids to help you win a powerlifting competition.

I am totally assuming here but its like saying that you havent payed your dues to look how you look.

if you are in a sport that says no juice, and you use then you have an unfair advantage and you are cheating; i agree in that respect.



i think the point Wolfen was making, was that since he's not competing in anything, he's not cheating in anything. kinda hard to have one without the other...

that is very true. let me re-idorate that i meant no disrespect by my statement. i was simply stating my opinion that in competitive sports steroids are cheating.


after watchig the HBO steroid special, it reinforced my belief that steroids are demonized because of the olympic scandals where the US didn't win certain medals/events which were nationally hyped up.

i.e. the eastern european commie bloc and former soviet union kicking ass in the 80s and ben johnson beating the american dude in the late 80s.

the US needed an excuse to justify why their nation wasn't winning certain big events which were hyped up to be used as propaganda tools. when the plan of winning olympic medals didn't pan out, the government needed a boogie man to blame, so they blamed steroids .

don't get me wrong, the soviet union did it, too. they had huge propoganda machines which hyped up the olympic events as a chance to showcase national superiority and of course they exploited the amazing performances of their athletes as national successes, rather than personal successes of the athletes themselves.

it's really sad, actually.

everything after that is just a history.


yeah, but i dont care about cheating. life's not fair, and those who're good enough to get away with being unfair (like life) deserve it.

if i developed a cologne that made women want to fuck me or die trying would i be cheating you out of a dynamite lay when i sprayed myself and walked by your honey? no. i would be one smart motherfucker who figured out how to be higher on the evolutionary chain than you.


Couple of quick points:

  1. If you are in a competition and the rules state "no steriods" then yes, it is cheating.

  2. Steriods should be available for use under medical supervision.

  3. If you are not competing in anything, you can't be cheating.

  4. As we all know, people in general are idiots and believe anything they are told by the media.

  5. I would take steriods a heartbeat if it would make me look like that guy in your avatar.


Why would you expect anyone who doesn't lift weights to understand your taking of steroids, and secondly, if you are ok with your choice, why do you care what they think?


I wanna see an anabolic olympic!