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This Performance Left Me Stunned...


I'm not an opera fan but this made my eyes tear up.So all these mindless talent shows do occasionally provide humanity with upliftment.


That was AWESOME! After that, I watched a ton more clips of him. Gave me goosebumps. Thank you for the link.

(Makes me think it might be cool to lift to opera music...)

I found his homepage. There's a cool video there, too



My pleasure Jillybop.

And I was absolutely tickled pink that he actually went on to win the thing,as the only reason I even heard of the man was that I saw a piece of an ad for his cd on tv and thought "Who is this guy?"

And then I did the exact same thing you did and watched all the other clips.

Made my day he did...


He doesn't look the part, but damn that voice...

He's gonna need a Queer Eye makeover. Haha...


Wow, that was actually great.(not a fan of opera). The judges at first were just like, wow this is going to suck. Then they are all smiling and shit.




It did send chills down my spine. Thanks for sharing.


That was one of very few times I've seen Simon Cowell not be a fuckin prick.


Not much of a looker, buy can he sing!



That is definitely awesome. I ended up watching that and other clips of him countless times today and I still get shivers down my spine near the very end of his performances. And I, too, have no interest in opera. Great post!


That is definitely awesome. I ended up watching that and other clips of him countless times today and I still get shivers down my spine near the very end of his performances. And I, too, have no interest in opera. Great post!


Paul Potts is a good pop singer who happens to sing opera; no detraction there. I prefer Placido Domingo (youtube should have dozens of versions of Nessun Dorma) But I will suggest something else. Perhaps it is the music which we find so moving.

There is a legendary study of "opera rhapsody," which effects some people who have reproducible rapture on hearing certain operatic selections. It turns out that opera rhapsody, like "runner's high," can be blocked naloxone, a blocker of the endorphins (endogenous brain narcotics). So certain music can overwhelm the nervous system with...feeling.

OK. Opera is not weightlifting, but there is something about the pursuit of quality, the appreciation of excellence, which they share. So now that you have heard it sung well, imagine what it feels like when sung excellently.

Keep lifting!


I am a HUGE opera fan ( I go every season ), and he floored me...he had the talent of many opera stars I have seen perform....gave me chills....


I agree, I love opera music and paul potts sings good but not amazing as some people are making it seem, he has a bit of a pop sounding voice. However there is something about his first performance on the show that makes me tear up. It might be that he genuinely looks like a really nice guy that is just following his dream and doing something he loves.


Paul Potts' rendition of "Nessun Dorma" is excellent. But not the best of the best.

Since I first ran across this, I have listened to several different renditions of this aria, mostly on Youtube. Not counting any novelty group version, the best I have heard is Mario Lanza. Next best is a 3-way tie among Placido Domingo, Yu Qiang Dai, and Frank Tenaglia.

Yussi Bjorling's rendition is fantastic in every respect, except that for a tenor solo I prefer a thicker or heavier tone quality. I can't hear quite as much expressiveness in Luciano Pavarotti's rendition as I can in the other great tenors' (could be a deficiency in my perception or my taste, but I hear what I hear).

Puccini was a genius: this is a beautiful, thrilling aria (even though the premise of the story is sheer insanity).


It's not the absolute quality of his voice that got me,I have heard that piece sung better (to my untrained ear at least).
What got me was the drama of the occasion,this schlub in a bad suit with a one off chance to dramatically alter his life.
You can see the lack of confidence all over his person,and the big choke was definately a strong possibility.

And the fact that he did sing opera,the genre of music least likely to succeed in a competition of this kind,with a proficiency that was astounding for a cell phone salesman,combined in my mind.
Wether it was stage managed or not,it made
for compelling viewing to me.
The further fact that he went on to win was equally riveting.

And of course,anything that popularizes something what is one of mankind's highest musical forms (I don't have to like it to appreciate the fact) has got to have some value!


But to be fair,I have experienced the 'opera rhapsody' that DrSkeptix wrote about,even more acutely the older I get (41).
The only thing that prevents me personally from listening more and looking further into it,is the sheer complete confusion of where to look and what to listen to to continue the exploration.
So any help and direction by those more well versed in this would be very welcome.


Mario lanza sings it great but I think Mario Del Monaco sings it best.


Oooh...good one!

How about this one; surely a debate will follow

(fireworks start at 2.00 min)


(and he doesn't even break a sweat)


Good for him.

That was damn good. Now, who's the chick judge?