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This One Surprised Me!

Check this one out:


That is insane.

What surprises me is the stupidy of the peoples comments. Spotters at an weightlifting comp ffs???

Actually those comments didn’t surprise me at all really.

I’ve seen this happen a few times in real life. Not as extreme as that but scary none the less. Last time I saw it happen someone had just recovered from a clean and were about to jerk it and as the dipped they just semi-blacked out. They went backwards and the weight went forwards. Not cool.

Believe me, it’s not cool, but it really is not a big deal. I’ve done it. It happens when you get the bar too far back into your neck after cleaning it, then take a breath. The bar pinched the vagus nerve, and lights out.

I only had 60 kgs on the bar, but it hyperextended my wrist when I went down. When I woke up, I was like “how did I get here?”, but otherwise was fine. I’ve seen nationally ranked lifters so this. It sucks, but usually no injuries.

He should have tapped out.

that sucks. does anyone know if he got hurt?

[quote]richardson23 wrote:
that sucks. does anyone know if he got hurt?[/quote]

Doubtful, on both counts!!

It’s a pretty regular occurance in weightlifting so it’s not really a special thing that woulda been talked about alot.