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This One Goes Out To All My Hommies

Ok I’ve been posting here for about six months and I just want to show some respect to some people that have really helped me out along the way. Not just in lifting but in all aspects.
Recently I was thrown a curve ball and it caught me way off guard. I had quite a problem and a couple of you guys really helped me out. Hey JW, I really appreciate the quick drawn advice and your willingness to give me a hand. Yo Bushy, same to you and thanks for throwing your wise thoughts out there. These guys are the real deal and if you ever have a problem these are the guys you can trust. If you need to hear a strait answer about these are the guys with the knowledge for it.

Thanks for helping a bro out.


Damn Man!!!

Thanks for the props brutha!!

Always willing to help another out. Thats what the T-Nation site is all about.

True about Bushy, grade “A” in my book.

Lify Heavy,


I second what Y-guy says, I really appreciate jw and bushido’s knowledge on the subject. All of your thoughts and input have helped me succeed in the gear game.


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