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This Nutrition-Weight Training thing is giving me a headache

My head is full. About six weeks I switched over from Mens Health to T-Mag and I have seen some great improvements in getting lean. But I have a question that I want to throw out there for y’all. Aside from eating six meals a day, what is the best way to see improvements in size? Hypertrophy (i.e. 8-12 reps) or Neural (4-6 reps) to get huge? I am loaded up with enough protein to last me until Christmas, (But no andros or pro-hormones!) I just want a program that I can do four days a week to add some serious muscle size to what I have.

First of all…welcome to “Testosterone Nation”, nemo…(hey…that sounds pretty cool!)

The word is PATIENCE, Grasshopper! These are not “either/or” phenomenon. When either beginning a program OR making a significant switch in a program, NEURAL ADAPTATION will occur first…in other words…the nervous system becomes more efficient at triggering and firing motor units…and you get stronger…

It is AFTER this period that you begin to see increases in muscle SIZE (or hypertrophy).

The time it takes will really depend on years of experience, recovery ability, “genetics” and the like…but it will come with time…

Now…this is a very SIMPLE explanation for a complex set of events…but I hope that it helps!

Again…PATIENCE is the name of the game!

rule #1 throw away all copies of old “mens health” magazines. rule #2 read all of the back issues of t-mag. rule #3 grow!

Hypertrophy: “an abnormal growth or enlargement of some body part, esp. such growth because of enlargement rather than proliferation of cells.” Heh Heh. ;-p