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This muscle book or this one

I’am going to buy a book,one being the Men’sHealth Home Workout bible or a book by Arnold Schwarnegger that’s the Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding.

Which book should I buy?

I wouldn’t get niether… Do a search on this web site there’s some good books out there. Search for guys like Ian King, Chek, etc… Or I would even wait a couple of weeks for Christian’s book to come out… Here on Biotest for everyone to purchase…

Arnolds by far…don’t even mention men’s health in here unless you want to be flamed.


Save your money and buy something by King, Poliquin, or Thibaudeau (soon).

Save even more money (if you’re short) and just read T-Mag. :slight_smile: SRS

buy arnulds book. the info is dated but it has heaps of basic stuff in it (i assume you are a beginner if you read mens health) and some primo photos in it, of the bodybuilding legends. that book will be a collectors in years to come.

Get a three ring binder and start printing

I agree, I wouldn’t by either. Subscribe to the paper issues of T-Mag and log on at least every other day if possible. If you must by a book then find Charles Poliquin’s “Modern Trends In Strength Training.”

Fitone, you said I wouldn’t get niether

So you’re suggesting that you would get either (since the double negatives cancel each other)? Just messing with you.

I agree that there are a plethora of better choices available. You have one of the best for free right here, as SRS so kindly reminded you.

What is your purpose for buying one of these books? Maybe we can direct you in a better direction.

Jaz-Nick, whereabout in NW Indiana do you call home, bro?