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This morning's Workout

Some of the songs I listened to during this morning’s workout:
“Bodies” by Drowning Pool
“Deer Dance” by System of a Down
“Dig” by Mudvayne
“I’m with Stupid” by Static X
“Voices” by Disturbed
“Hash Pipe” by Weezer

Which of these things is not like the other?..Oh well, I like them all

Bodies by drowning pool is the shit. We put it in our cheerleading routine during our elite stunting sequence (the advanced stunts). Its bad ass.

If only I can get my hands on a nifty small mp3 player…I will load it up with all yawl’s recommendations and play it while I am at gym.

Good picks. Just saw System at the pledge of alligiance. Good show. Mudvaynes been a fav since I saw them at tattoo the earth and you can’t beat using ‘music as a weapon’.