this might be interesting for some

Some how I stumbled upon this site… then went onto the paleolithic diet section, interesting stuff.

They say that our ancestors (hunter gatherers) ate: complex carbs, animal meats with very little fat (since the animals they did eat were wild thus lean) and then discuss their health thru fossil records and observing current hunter gatherer cultures (rare cancers and rare cardiovascular disease).

This as been discussed before, do a search on paleolithic diet. I’ve been following a diet no too far from this and have been seeing good lean mass gains. I get most of my carbs from veggies and fruit, and restrit my grain intake to post workout, no milk and avoid most derivates, i feel a lot better on this diet than on the typical high carb diet i used to do, just try it and see how you react to it.

restless: The concepts of the diet seem legit (i.e. clean, non-processed eating, etc.)

Question: Do you have a guess on your macronutrient percentages?

Musafa: i’ve been using almost a isocaloric diet, based on the paleolithic diet principles, i’ve been eating more or less 1200 cals of protein, and the same amount of carbs and fat, so its close to 33% each. This as been working very well to me, since september i’ve put on + or - 17 pounds, mostly muscle.
As i’ve said post workout have one meal with grains (after post workout drink) and most of the day my carbs come from brussels sprouts, spinach and brocculli( i eat 1,1 pounds os this a day) and fruit, preferebly aples but sometimes tropical fruit also (cant resist bananas). I’ve also been thinking lately of t rying to get a grass fed beef supplier but it seems very hard to find one were i live at.
Concerning fats its the usual things, nuts, olive oil, fish oils, salmon, etc…

Current hunter gatherer cultures show low occurences of rare cancers and rare cardiovascular diseases because (1) their memebers usually die in their 40s before any of those would show itself and (2) their medical technology would not be able to recognize them anyway.

I believe that the significantly longer American lifespan and vastly superior medical technology is why we utimately fall to cancers and heart disease. What else can we really die of?

Beyondveg is a great site. You may also like, if you go there and do a search on ‘paleolithic diet’ you will get several good articles, including a very interesting interview with Loren Cordain, who is one of the most highly regarded researchers on Paleo nutrition.