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This May Be the Best Workout Routine Involving No Weights


The Small Woman Workout from X-treme Muscle Camp:


I’ve tried ICF, Madcow, SS, and even Bulgarian light but none of them have given me the results this program has; a jail cell, 100,000 dollars bail and multiple sexual harassment and assault charges


Small price to pay for being jacked, bro


Somewhere a feminist just had an aneurysm. Nobody tell @anon71262119 .

Still funny. They actually have wife races to raise money for charity. You basically jog a 5k with your wife.


That’s a 5k with your wife on your back??? I’d pass out after a few hundred yards!


As a woman who is barely five feet I find this funny. I was thinking you could do a reverse thing too. Like tall guy pull-ups. Find a tall guy and use his arms for pull-ups. Anywhere. Anytime lol.


Clearly you’re doing something right as most of us have our wives on our backs all day long…


I’ll stop posting now…


Great side delt workout for the tall guy, too!


baddump ump