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This Man Is Insane



I would want to see him fight a lion....although I know how it'd turn out. And I wouldn't want no one to rescue him, just a good old fashioned man vs beast fight to the finish.


Yes, crazy:

Al-Masry: 'When is fighting a lion not a matter of life and death?'

Essawy: 'It's up to the lion. If he chooses to withdraw or surrender, and lets me tie him up then I will not kill him'

How does a lion surrender? Tapping out or something? 'Withdraw' from the 'battle'? Nutter.


I hope the cunt gets eaten..what a fuck wit


Hmm wonder how long it will take for the results to end up on www.rotten.com.



I hope he gets mauled. Stupid fucker. If anything, he should go up against a wild lion just captured and not placed in a small cage. Thirst, exhaustion and disorientation have already rendered the beast less than optimal.


He's not crazy. He has political motives for doing this!

From the people that brought us Israeli trained sharks sent to destroy Egypts tourism industry.

Wheres Jewbacca? He gotta see this!


Hopefully a video of him being devoured by an angry lion should surface soon...


This was a few weeks ago, the police stopped it before it started.

Apparently he had an 8ft spear and a satellite dish as a shield.

Fucking idiot.


Maybe i should of watched the video before i commented....


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I think he'll quickly end up as lion food.