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This Made Me Want to Puke

death penalty.

[quote]Magarhe wrote:
You are making some hefty assumptions about who I am and what I know. This is not my specialty but my friends and colleagues are heavily involved in research in these areas and scientists in big pharmas. Since I liaise with experts doing cutting edge research into these things (e.g ecstacy and Parkinsons) from around the world, my response to you is: you haven’t got a clue what you are talking about. And you have no idea how frustrating it is for people like me that your opinion is the general, misguided opinion of the masses


I am in no way involved with the pharmaceutical industry, but somehow I have come to the exact same conclusion as you.

The vast majority of kids don’t have any reason whatsoever to be taking drugs. And for that matter, I don’t believe most adults do, either.

A lot of stupidity in here. What does Ritalin have to do with anything? Drs prescribe painkillers to a lot of people to and they’re close to heroin so why not just shoot the little girl up?


Congratulations to Sifu for the longest quoted post in T-Nation history! Sorry man, I stopped reading, I’m sure it was a good point though.


Some people need to read some of the actual effects of these drugs. Some statements made in the thread concerning the effects are here say and not actually valid. Go to this site and read a lot of scientific studies and effects concerning some of these compounds.

Now as to the original debate, I believe it is wrong what was done and they should be punished accordingly. Whether or not Ecstacy is worse than other prescription meds given to children, I wouldn’t know. I do know that in some cases the the benefits of the drugs can far outweigh the risks of the drug itself in some people. It is a fine line that the doctor and parents need to look at accordingly.

Yeah I am not going to split hairs on what is more right or more wrong.

But I think this is my western punishment to be delt out

  1. The offenders shall be stripped naked in public.

  2. Then flogged till just before they pass out from pain.

  3. Where salt shall be strewn upon the gashes.

  4. They will retire for 12 hours and strappped to a iron bed and there face shall be covered in a iron mask.

  5. One rat shall be set upon each of themfor the night.

  6. In the morning of the next day they shall be held in body harness that is connected to genitalia and dragged for three miles over cactus and sand.

  7. Then they shall be burried up to there heads in sand, and havehoney set upon there head.

  8. They have the option of being drawn, quartered, and having fifty kingsford charcoalsset upon there belly.

This is a semi hijack but it pertains to the general topic of this thread.

A woman around central PA just got something like a year of prison for giving her teenage son marijuana. She gave it to him three separate occasions. Her justification was that if she got him to smoke it, he’d hate it, and then not want to do drugs ever again.

So it’s like a similar situation albeit the kid is older and the mom got caught (i have no idea how she got caught).

[quote]meangenes wrote:
Congratulations to Sifu for the longest quoted post in T-Nation history! Sorry man, I stopped reading, I’m sure it was a good point though. [/quote]

Actually the longest quote was when I pasted Doctor Baughman’s testimony before the European parliament regarding the lack of science behind add and the dangers of add medications.

There were four parts to that. The first was from the DEA website saying yes Ritalin is addictive. The next part was about Ritalin increasing the severity of addictions to cocaine and ecstacy.

The next one says that Ritalin causes a ten percent loss of brain mass in cat scans. This was to dispute crewpeirce’s claim that ritalin is much better for the brain than ecstacy and it’s not addictive.

The third one was a study from British Columbia regarding the use of psychiatric drugs on children. Which supports megarhe’s statement that worse things are given to kids. There were kids in that study who were under one years old being given antidepressants like prozac, zoloft, paxil.

Some of these kids have been left with permanent facial disfigurements like facial tics, that are indicative of brain damage.

Ritalin by the way is known to cause permanent changes in cardiac tissue. Ritalin has been known to cause fatal heart attacks in otherwise healthy children.

There is a serious double standard when it comes to kids and drugs. For some reason it is okay for a school to violate a kids civil rights and say that a kid can’t go to school unless they are on drugs.

For some reason it is okay for a school teacher to practice medicine without a lisence and cause a kids death. This is a much more widespread problem than a couple of kids in a car with a videocam.