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Some lady wrote in to the local paper saying that Boy Scouts should drop the ‘boy’ from the title because it’s sexist & politically incorrect, etc. (it’s already been changed to Scouts of Canada or something so she’s behind the times but I didn’t know then) & I almost burst a vein in my forehead. She went on about how girls/women have nowhere to go for ‘empowerment’ and having something called Boy Scouts just causes more problems for them, even though they could go to their girl guides if they wanted to. Am I the only one who gets pissed off by this sort of stuff?? Where can guys go for ‘empowerment’? I can’t go to strip clubs anymore because they’ve all been invaded by women (who sit in the crowd & don’t take their clothes off). I like what TC said (eg. if a girl is more qualified for some job she should get it, etc.), but I think this whole society has taken the ‘equality’ thing way too far & Destiny’s Child should be banned.

You’re not the only one, Natey, rest assured. Personally, I think that the “feminist” movement, in its excesses and focus on non-issues (NOT insofar as it addresses points like equal pay for equal work, etc., which are valid and pressing issues), is going to be viewed in another ten to twenty years in much the same way as the 1950s anti-communist movement is now. When it’s in vogue, all the righeously indignant critics and rubber-stamp academics hop on the bandwagon… but after it’s been exposed as the sterile and logically bankrupt foolery that some people make it, those same people will (hopefully) look back on their participation with a sense of shame.

You’re right Natey. Destiny’s Child should be banned. That group has absolutely no creative talent whatsoever. All their songs sound like they’ve been done by everyone else. Sure they’re hot, but so are the chicks from Musclemag. But I’ve gotton tired from all of them because every issue has the same women in G-Strings, whoo hoo! They don’t have alluring poses you’d see in Gallary or Penthouse. Not only does Musclemag fail as a bodybuiling publication, but also as a stroke-mag.

I will come to blows w/anyone who wants to ban anything Beonce(sp?) does!! anyway any private org. should be able to exclude or include anyone they want, but if you take any type of gov. money you should loose that ability (I don’t know if boy scouts are fully private or not). remember I said SHOULD be able to, not that they should do it, I just don’t believe the gov. has the right to tell a private org. or business who they can have as members or customers. I think the boyscouts are non-profit so they DO have an argument about excluding people (if they ARE non-profit they are getting gov. money, taxes)

isnt there a “girl scouts” too, for girls. if so and they are still trying to allow girls to participate in boy scouts that is complete bull shit. it shouldnt matter whther it excludes women or not if there is a female club equivelent to boy scouts funded by the government too.

I meant Destiny’s Child should be banned because of that bloody Survivor song that says there are no good men, but all their stuff sucks. All those militant feminists who are into man-bashing aren’t any better than the ‘sexist’ guys they hate so much. It’s bad for a guy to do it, but it’s ok for a girl? Doesn’t make sense.

I am fed up of the bullshit and the funny thing so are alot of women I know.
People like that women above will always have something or someone to complain about no matter what it is.
She reminds me of those chicks that go uggh looking at a porno blocking their eyes with their hand while their fingers are still open and they can still see the movie.

I don’t think their is anything wrong with being a feminine female nor a masculine male.
Sooner or later one of these militant feminist-nazis are going to put their foots in their mouths and it will bite them in the ass legally or personally.
Anyways there already is a bit of a backlash against these idiots because the most popular stuff coming out right now in pop culture is politically incorrect and people are obviously soaking it up because they are tired of worn out dried up hags like the one above.

What I couldn’t stand is the “Bring Your Daughters to Work Day”. I don’t know if it’s a national thing or whether we just have it here in the northeast. I work in the building industry and it’s great to get girls exposed to it, but…hello…what about the boys? Are they left out of the festivities? Fortunately, this year, the company I work for changed it to “Bring Your Kids to Work Day”.