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This Land is My Land...

This is pretty funny…check it out:



That is without a doubt one of the funniest political spots that I have ever seen!

I watched it three times. I called my wife into my office and she loved it as well.

Thanks a lot for the site!

(Lumpy, you have to see this)

Funny stuff. It takes a little while to load up, but it’s worth the wait.

By the way, (correct me if I am wrong) Woody Guthrie (one of America’s best-loved folk singers) was a Socialist.

That doesn’t make it impossible for you to enjoy his music, does it ZEB?

I mean come on, This Land is YOUR Land, This Land is MY Land? Doesn’t that make your blood boil? The nerve!

Lumpy -

A true socailist would say this land is the Government’s Land.


I can enjoy Guthries music. I have even been to Barbra Striesand movies! Hey, talent is talent.