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This Ladies Contingency Plan- Base building

DND brings back middle school. I was in too many things to get to role play…if I remember…isn’t it? I’m feeling old :crazy_face:

Roflmao. Yes it’s definitely role play.

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3x25 Jacks
3x10 Squats
3x20 Mt. Climbers
3x5 Push ups
3x4 Box Jumps

3x5 Warm up OHP SS with front squats
25,30,35 lbs & 45 lbs
3x5 Working OHP SS with front squats
40,45,50 lbs & same weights
5x5 FSL OHP SS with 5x15 rows
40lbs same weight
3x15 leg extensions
3x15 Hanging (Captain’s Chair) Leg Raises

Every thing went well. Hit all my reps easy. And felt over all good. Tomorrow is deadlift day.


You know what, I used to hate deadlifts, but then “you’ll”;see results in your glutes…makes them like one of my favs. Glad you have fun in dnd. When I’m bored I played Wow, diablo or Starcraft, mess in our music studio, workout, cook, bake, take care of dogs, clean house and hang out with friends. I’m trying to figure out what to make for breakfast since I’m taking a rest day.

dang two articles posted about deadlifts today

i completed the cycle as planned with no hiccups.

i should be starting cycle number 2. However i have a few things in life that are pushing out my ability to get the the gym

i am also unsure if i like this program. i have been doing variations of 531 for a while but… i dont like the new set up of 1 push 1 pull and 1 ab.

i am thinking maybe… main lifts original 531 with typical body building accessories.
something like:

squat 531
RDL 3-5x12-15
Leg press 3-5x12-15
Hip Thrust 3-5x12-15
Calf Raises 3-5x12-15

Bench 531
Db row 3-5x12-15
Incline Bench 3-5x12-15
pull up/lat pull down 3-5x12-15
Triceps 3-5x12-15
weak point iso 3-5x12-15
abs 3-5x12-15

Deadlift 531
Front squat 3-5x12-15
RDL 3-5x12-15
split squat 3-5x12-15
calves 3-5x12-15

Ohp 531
pull up/ lat pull down 3-5x12-15
Db Bench 3-5x12-15
DB Row 3-5x12-15
Shoulders 3-5x12-15
Biceps 3-5x12-15
abs 3-5x12-15


Wednesday 5/23 c2w1d1
Squat 5x3+ 115lbs last set 8 reps!! New pr!
Bench press 3x10 65lbs!! New pr!
Lat pulldown 3x15 70 lbs
Leg extensions 3x15 120 lbs
Tricep push down 3x15 50lbs

Friday 5/25 c2w1d2
Ohp 5x3+ 55lbs last set 9 reps! New or
Sumo deadlift 3x10 135 lbs
Calf raises 3x15+ 135lbs last set 25 reps! New pr!
Hip thrust 3x15+ 135 lbs last set 25 reps! New program!
Lat pull down 3x15 70 lbs
Shoulder raises as well/ bicep curls 3x15 8 lbs. Got a major pump from that.

Decided on full body roughly 3 times a week. Will run this for 3 weeks and see if I like it.

Both the 4 split bodybuilding and the 3 days full body looks good, and it’s a matter of how many times you want to go to the gym and how well you recover, but most of all, we should enjoy the days in the gym.

I like the OG with the PR sets.

C2w1d5 monday
Bench press 5x3+ 90 lbs last set 8 reps! New PR!
Squat 3x10 85 lbs (highest I have done sets of 10 with)
Rdl 3x15 100 lbs
Tricep push down 3x15 30 lbs
Leg extensions 3x15 125lbs
Diamond push up 3x10
Ab roll out 3x5 last set 10 reps.

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C2w1d6 today is a rest or cardio day. I am incredibly sore. Might do some light incline walking. Tomorrow is heavy deadlifts and 3x10 ohp

Standard warm up
2x5 box jumps
Deadlift 5x3+180 last set 8 reps!
Ohp 3x10 40 lbs last set 15 reps
Hip thrust 3x15 140 lbs
Calf raises 3x15 140 lbs
Lat pulldown 3x15 70 lbs
Shoulder lateral raises & bis 3x15 10 lbs

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C2w2d1 (5/31)

Standard warm up
Squats 5x3+ 120 lbs last set 8 reps! New PR!
Barbell bench 3x10 70 lbs! New pr!
Dumbell row 3x15 25 lbs
Rdl 3x15 90 lbs
Tricep push downs 3x15 30 lbs
Face pulls 3x15 30 lbs
Cable chest flies 3x15 10 lbs

Double PR
Well done Cherry :slight_smile:


standard warm up
Ohp 5x3+ 60 lbs last set 9 reps!
Sumo deadlift 3x10 140 lbs
Calf raises 3x15 140 lbs
Hip thrusts 3x15 140 lbs
Lat pull down 3x15 70 lbs
Lat front/side/reverse raises giant set with curls 3x15 8 lbs

Edit: I forgot to mention… After I finished my work out for the day I was waiting for my boyfriend to get our stuff from the locker room and this guy was reping 225 deadlifts. I asked if I could jump in. Pulled a strong single. Then did it 2 more times! 3 solid singles at 225!


Tomorrow is heavy bench and volume squats (at the highest weight I have ever attempted for 10 reps)

Good luck ladycherry

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Bench press 5x3+ 95 lbs last set 6 reps
Squat 3x10 90 lbs
DB row 3x15+ 25 lbs last set 25 reps
Tricep push down 3x15 25 lbs
Cable chest flies 3x15 10 lbs
Abductors 3x15 70 lbs
Leg extensions 2x15 112 lbs plus 1 set count down 10,8,6,4,2,1 at 50 lbs

C2W3D2 rest
C2W3D3 (06/9)
DL 5x3+ 185lbs last set 10 reps! new pr!
ohp 3x10 45 lbs
lat pull down 3x15 70 lbs
leg curls and leg extensions 3x15

fucking loving these gains!! i remember a year ago maybe two 180 was my 1 rep max. i been lifting but not lifting for strength for the last 2 years. Finaly adding weight work out to work out and seeing great strength gains!