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this just in-- fried chicken is good for you!

I was watching sports center this morning before work, and I saw the funniest ad. These two guys are sitting outside and one guy says to the other, “you look really good man, what have you been doing?” The other guy responds, “eating chicken!”, as he chows down on a huge fried chicken breast from KFC. Then they’re telling you how each juicy piece of fried chicken breast has just 11 grams of carbs and 40 grams of protein!! So, eat up folks, it’s good for you! Look at all that protein!! I’m sure they wouldn’t omit the fact that it’s covered in breading and immersed in trans fats, would they? They must have found some way to get rid of those nasty parts, right? If it’s on TV, afterall, it has to be true.

I can’t believe that anyone would actually fall for the idea that there’s anything healthy about their food. There are some pretty dumb people out there I guess…