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This Isn't a Log! Just a Declaration

  1. I can eat whatever I want, however I am sensible and will try to keep to wholesome carbs

in the morning and around workout times.

  1. I will be 1 pound heavier each Monday than I was the previous Monday. If by Friday I do

not think I will make this, i will pig out major style over the weekend to try and make it.

  1. I will do a strength training programme that involves improving EVERY single session.
    I think I will choose starting strength 5X5 and do this until a 1.5x bodyweight squat.
    After i will go to a generic split style.

  2. I will take creatine and BCAAs around workouts and fish oil at other times.

  3. I will do no devoted cardio. I will walk for an average of 40 mins (to work/gym) each day

  • this will suffice.

The biggest issue for me will be accepting fat loss.

My solution is this:

every inch on my waist must accompany 6-7 pounds of weight gain.

If the inches overtake the weight, I will implement what I call the ‘ProffX protocol’.

This protocol means I simply eat less junk than previously and do a little more cardio.

I will be happy with a 40 pound weight gain over 1 year, with at least half of that being


I will put a log in the training log section.

In this log I will keep a weekly entry of my weight and waist measurement.
I will briefly explain my programme and general eating habits/quantities.

I will go into no detail.

I will simply eat until I gain a pound a week, and lift progressively heavier weights.

Im hoping it will be an easy read and somewhere you can point newbs to to say 'this is how

simple it is - dont overcomplicate it’