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This is Why I Stand







Except that kneeling by NFL players has literally nothing to do with the military. That is a canard invented whole-cloth by Trump in order to muddy the water and smear the players.


Honoring the flag and the national anthem has everything to do with honoring those who served our country. Go read the words of the song.

The entire point of the protests is that the USA sucks and is an awful place to be a minority. Well, I’m a minority and think our country has flaws, but it is still the greatest country to have ever existed on this Earth. I was honored to get to help protect her.

But I’m not surprised you take your position. I’ve read your posts for years now. It’s pretty clear (just from your unbelievably narcissistic profile picture alone, let alone the content of your posts) that you are all about yourself and have no concept of honor or sacrifice.

I wouldn’t expect someone like you to be able to understand what the flag and the anthem means to people who have had friends die next to them.

Don’t worry, we’ll defend you anyway.


No. We do not venerate the flag; we venerate the ideas the flag represents, one of which is freedom of speech.

Wrong, again. I have yet to hear an athlete-protester say anything like America sucks.’

Yeah, it’s almost like this is a bodybuilding site or something.

I dare say I know more about such sacrifice than do you. Mine is a gold-star family; is yours? If not, I’ll simply thank you for your service, and congratulate you on living through it, unlike my KIA father.


Wow! Can’t believe you would attack the man because he cares about how he looks but here’s my take.
This all started with one player who has a valid point about injustice in this country and he chose to kneel at the playing of the anthem and a few other players joined him. Ok, it’s their right.
Then Donnie dotard had to open his big mouth and make it all about him(so presidential) calling players sons of bithes. Well I don’t know where you come from but those are fighting words for a lot of people so it’s on. Now this whole thing has transformed into a protest against trump and his racist attitudes. This is a guy who describes neo nazis as “very fine people” but call players who peacefully protest SOB’s.


Not sure if you noticed, but a lot of people have been upset about this for quite a while, long before Trump said anything.

On one hand, turn about is fair play. Libs have been attacking and doxing people under the banner of “Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences”, so if a player does something broadly offensive and loses his job- Oh well. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequence.

On the other hand- its a shitty tactic and I don’t believe in fucking with anybody’s livelihood.


Couldn’t agree more @thefourthruffian


To be fair, I don’t think posting a photo from a physique competition as your profile picture is especially narcissistic on a website that is primarily dedicated to strength sports and physique competitions. Do you think all others (The Mighty Stu, robstein, Lonnie123 off the top of my head) who have competition photos as their profile picture are narcissistic because they have a physique photo as their profile picture on a bodybuilding website?

EDIT: I should clarify - if you want to believe ED is narcissistic for other reasons, be my guest (I don’t especially think so, but that’s your party to have). I am merely commenting that going after him for a profile photo from a physique competition on a bodybuilding website seems a wee bit silly.


You may want to go read about some of the things said and done by the guy that started it.


On a side note, it’s kind of ironic that you put the picture of Captain Khan’s grave in your post.

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It’s why I stand too. This country saved me in every way a person can be saved. My destiny was the communism, but for this beckon of light which is the U.S. And every single one of those who served deserve my unwavering gratitude, for without the U.S. there was no where to run to. And without those soldiers who sacrificed for this country, I wouldn’t be.

I resent millionaire babies who denigrate this country. “This country has problems!” Well no shit motherfucker, tell us something we don’t know. We work on it, not shit on the whole country. But it’s their right to do it, and it’s my right to resent them for it.

I also resent the president using it as a political “football” (pardon the pun). It’s not a toy or a weapon to jab your enemies with. That also disrespected the flag and what it stands for. Let the flag stand for the best country on Earth.


Whoa now. Didn’t you know there’s a universally agreed upon definition of what the national anthem and flag means? If you don’t agree with it, you’re clearly wrong.

What a time to be alive when even the POTUS is actively telling private businesses they should fire people for peaceful protest.

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  1. Quoting Kim Jong whichever-one-he-is speaks volumes.

  2. As noted, people (in particular military people and police) were pissed off about this long before Trump jumped on the bandwagon as an unwelcome guest. The entire protest is built on a lie (albeit a lie oft-repeated loudly by powerful voices with an agenda) and the chosen method of protest is particularly vile to most people who served and protect your nation. I’m not even American and it’s viewed as tacky.


I think my preference is something like the Dallas Cowboys did this Monday: they locked arms and knelt down prior to the game, before the anthem, then they stood for the anthem and flag when it was played. They talked about how best to express their views for about 2 days, from Saturday practice up to Monday before the game. It was a considered act that I think stuck the balance well.

I’m not keen on people kneeling during the anthem, but I’m even less keen on the President calling private citizens (who have legitimate concerns even if they don’t present them in the best way) “sons of bitches”.

Also, I think much of what happened this weekend was a big “fuck you” to Trump, and it deserved to be. This very possibly would have died out without him kicking the hornets nest–now I think you will see that behavior expand instead.


I have plenty other names that I call him but that one is the most recent one. I don’t that little sawed inbred with bad haircut from NK either. I think the world would be a better if both were out of office.

You are correct, this whole thing now is nothing but a huge Fuck you to trump. Trump is out of his league getting into a pissing contest with guys who have done this on the court and field their whole lives. He needs to stay in his lane.

I agree completely. But in addition to the unseemliness of the comments, there is the issue of the nefarious reasons he made them. In making these comments and doubling/tripling down on them, Trump’s goal was to create an enemy, an Other–a foil he can contrast himself with, and rally his base against. He employs divisiveness as a tool to shore up his support, as well as to distract from the chaos, ineptitude and possible criminality of his administration. And as evidenced by the comments on this thread, he has a real talent for dividing us.



Trump was basically gaslighting NFL players into taking action that a large swath of the nation was going to find offensive. He knew they wouldn’t back down and that the whole thing would hurt the NFL more than it would hurt him.


I stand by what I said in another thread. We don’t get the leaders we like often times, but we get what we deserve. We want a better president, this nation needs to elevate and it starts in the mirror, myself included.

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