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This Is Us Right Here...



We're a big white box?


sorry... here you go



wtf is going on??


They don't want you to show us that video, isn't that obvious?


Hmm, maybe it's just me. The first one works now but not the second.


well... it proves the point of the video.lol


I agree for the most part. I know that it alienated me from some of the guys at work, but I laughed at them pretty frequently when they expressed such adulation and hero worship for the asshole sports stars that they would frequently man-crush on.

Aside from it being half gay, if not full on homo, I think it shows a very poor echelon of priority as to how you spend your free time when you spend it idolizing about someone who would never think twice about you.

But then again, I have no qualms with the fact that I am socially maladjusted.


Whip out that RAPE AXE


Dick Fountain


Tube steak boogie?


This guy is a little over the top, but his main points are exactly right.


I fucking hate watching videos of people talking. Why can't those grass-fuckers write their shit down so I can read it in 45 seconds instead of poring through 5 minutes of suck? Does the image of some asshole in a chair add something to the content? How the fuck am I to entertain myself at work? Stupid fucking shit-eaters.

Ok, I haven't actually listened to it yet, but video blogs make me rage.


I'll bet you watch The Hills every week, like clockwork.


who is lebron james?




i think hes a golfer that had like 25 or 30 girlfriedns and his wife tried to kill him with a golf club


no that was the teenage asian girl golf protege


is that your spin on John Galt?


While I agree with his point, I do think that the Lebron situation was more important than people think. His decision caused Cleveland to lose millions of dollars during a recession in a city that is one of the worst in this country (wow that was poorly worded lol). There will be many jobs lost and many businesses will move out of the town due to this.

Now, if you're not from Cleveland or Miami........ I don't see how this is important.