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This is Unreal. Insanely High "Free T" on a Very low Dose


So i have low SHBG 14.5 nmol/l. I am on EOD protocol 17.5 mg Test E. No AI, No HCG. I was doing pretty good but after 8 weeks of running this protocol the lab reports telling that i have insanely high levels of Free T 55 pg/ml(8 -28). The Total Test value is also very high 979 ng/dl.
The E2 being at 54 pg/ml.
The hematocrit is fine 47.5. The hb is 16.5. Red blood count is slightly elevated just a minor 0.2 higher than the maximum.

Off late i am having an awareness of my heart beat. In real the pulse is normal 70 to 75 bpm. The blood pressure is slightly elevated but not much.But i am having a feeling of heart palpitation. Specially at night when i go to bed i have this annoying feeling of my heart pulsating in a very bad throbbing manner. Its really driving me crazy. I am worried because after 3 protocols failure this EOD protocol has started to work for me specially in terms of libido and strength.

Now i am thinking to reduce my dosage to 10 mg EOD instead of 17.5. Assuming the palpitation is due to high Free T and may be high E2. I really dont know the culprit behind my palpitations.

I need your opinions and suggestions to control my this weird heart pulse issue but i dont want to make any unwanted changes in the protocol that would affect my hard earned positives from TRT.

Your knowledge and experience is really needed in my case. Please suggest me what to do?


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