This Is Ugly

Take a look at this link. This is bad news for anyone in the game. I assume prices are going to go wayyy up.


Know where I can buy some FINA stock?

Damnit boy!!!

Those are some big names. Yes, the price will go up.


This Blows!!

It may cause a short term disruption, but when has the DEA ever made a shit of difference over the long-haul? The commies learned years ago that fighting against the market power is hopeless. When will the DEA learn?

Yeah, I know of more than a couple of sources and the only way this will affect them is they’ll be getting new customers, LOL. There are SO many UG labs running and more are popping up every day that there is no way to stop the trade. It isn’t like meth where they routinely catch on fire and make stupid mistakes, so LE has to work MUCH harder to find the manufacturers.