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This is the World We Live In Now

I leave this here for open discussion.

Key points:

  • Next month, Transport for London will not allow ads “likely to cause body confidence issues”
  • Move follows Protein World’s “Beach body” ad campaign
  • Consumers “cannot simply switch off” ads, TfL commercial development director says

The offending image:

For those who didnt go through where this all began… these were the types of images which caused all the fuss initially .

I completely agree with the ban. I am also sure the model in the ad is a cheap, immoral whore. I heard she gives blowjobs for clen.

this happened years ago. The company, Protein World, had some pretty hilarious responses to angry tweets

When, exactly, did the UK become overrun with pussies? You guys used to kick so much ass without worrying about whose feelings were hurt or who got oppressed.

Now you’ve decided that “sex sells” is no longer an acceptable marketing strategy.

What happened mates?

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Attack of the Crybullies!

Oh Europe. How silly you’ve become.

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Hopefully my city will follow suit. Driving by all the yachts in the harbor on the way to work makes me feel so poor…

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This really makes me laugh too.

Honestly the world these days has completely deluded itself into thinking all they have to do is pretend and say something over and over and suddenly it’s true.

We live in a Western Culture that has completely began to pretend reality isn’t reality.


We also live in an age of falsified victimhood. Being a victim is now a badge of honor and now there are people who are creating victimhood out of thin air.


So… I can’t look at attractive people because it makes fatties (like me) might feel insecure about themselves? Or heaven forbid… feel some desire to change?

sigh My IG is like 85% figure/physique girls (okay and 15% freaks)… you know why? Cause looking at pretty people (and the occasional freak) fucking motivates me…

Maybe my fat ass needs a little shaming to stay out of the McDonald’s drive through? Maybe a tight sexy tummy is exactly the image I need in my head to make it to the gym after a grueling day at work.

Fuck his fucking kindergarten society man…

As a father of a daughter I don’t really have an issue if people freely choose to be a bit more modest, and stop posting these ads… However:

This. It rustles my jimmies like crazy when it’s by government mandate.

Next step is all women must wear veils in public because some are prettier than others???

don’t you guys remember this from last year? We had a thread about it.

Check out the company’s twitter responses:


Those are awesome tweets!

I plan to drive the point home that she is a LOT more than just her appearance… but the truth is, life is easier for the “pretty people”.

1.) Don’t be a dick (morals etc)
2.) Education/earning potential
3.) Appearance and health

In that order.

I’m finding with her at least, you don’t have to tell her that, she will know it. It’s the way other people talk to her, and treat her that is the biggest struggle.

How many times I had to post “I was thinking CEO or POTUS, but you never know” under a facebook photo where some older WOMAN would talk about how beautiful she was and how she’ll grow up to be be a model or some other looks based thing.

I tell my daughter she is adorable and beautiful all the time too, but within the context of a result of her and her actions, not as a definitive aspect of her being.

I agree in general. However it’s important to note that even “ugly” and “out of shape” people are much more well received when they conform to general fashion guidelines and hygiene protocols.

Looking like you give a shit, and not having offensive body odors etc goes a long way.


How many buff angels can squat on a pin?

All these debates are a smokescreen.
London is being muslimised.
In one generation, there won’t be ads like these around anymore, simply because the shariah comittee will not allow such shameless display of nudity.

You probably already know about sweden or Denmark, if you’re to jacked they test you for juice. How about the fast food companies, advertising cheap yummy food, to keep poor obese and lazy, I am not skinny my self, but i am not hating on brad pitt.

I don’t agree with this.

They advertise cheap, tasty, calorie dense food because that is the business they are in.

It is still 100% personal choice of whether one eats there or not. It isn’t some grand conspiracy.

I know my ex girlfriend insisted on making tacos at home after you buy all the ingredients, the prep time etc. It would cost about one third to go to a chain restaurant. The only exception was meat quality.

It comes down to people who are just under those who are in charge not having a backbone. Face it, to move up the corporate latter you have to be a yes-man. If your boss does something that you don’t agree with integrity wise and chose to act on it, guess what? You get fired, never get a raise, or you never get promoted. There is a lack of accountability at the very top which transcends to the lower workers.