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This is the Thanks I Get.


About a week or so ago I rescued a kitten. She was about 5 weeks old at the time. Trapped in a shed, abandoned by her mother who seemed to have abandoned the rest of her litter too who were sadly all dead.

I had to rub her chest to get her to even breath.

She came round and mewed at me so I kept her in the hope that I could help her to survive. Over the past few days she has rather grown on me so I'm keeping her. She's also been feeding well and growing at an alarming rate.

Anyhow, given that I feed her and I kind of saved her life, tonight I'd ripped off a few chunks of turkey from a bird I cooked yesterday for a little snack. I took said meat through to my living room and just then the phone went off.

Following is the thanks I get for saving her life...




I see a lol cat picture in the making.


I think she wanted to sleep inside a pig's head, man.


Kid's to Kittens, Renton you're a hero in the making. A very special bond you have there.


This good enough for ya ? :stuck_out_tongue:


If you don't pay attention, I have one cat who will knock a fork out of your hand. He begs worse than any dog I've ever had. He'll steal asparagus off your plate when you go to get a drink.


He's in your plate, eating your turkeys.




I need to make a new one about retards who don't know how to spell, namely me.


I've got a cat that eats biscuits and pasta. Bulk cat is carbing up.

Had another one jump on my lap while I was eating, steal a piece of general tso's chicken from my plate, and run under the couch with his prize.


Couldn't resist...


What's her name?


My cousin once dropped a piece of pork on the floor, and my cat from 2 rooms away was on that shit in a heartbeat and then went under the stairs where no one could get her.

If i leave a sandwich or toast or something on the table alone she's on top of that shit too. She'll try to drink my milk while I'm sitting at the table too.


This is the payback you get for all the times you've posted, "Don't try to understand women. It's like herding cats. Not gonna happen."

Your payback is to lose tasty protein to an 8 ounce fluffball that will wrap you around her little paw. She's gorgeous, Renton!

I'm glad you have a new cute lil pussums. ;o)

(This is just too easy. The number of silly/sassy remarks that come to mind... sigh.... yeah, it's just TOO easy.)


I don't see why you're complaining. She obviously seems willing to share. She even devided the plate into two: Hers and Yours.


Hee hee! So she did ~ good point! Her half has the big pieces. I love this little kitty cat. She's a girl after my own heart (or after my plate of chicken?!)


Nah. she's a cat. It is Mine and Mine later...


Moral of the story; Don't save kittens.

I love that oppurtunity pic LOL


TQB Nailed it - cats only tolerate humans until somebody invents a can opener that can be used by paws.

My kids have called her Polly - she keeps clawing her way (painfully I might add) up my leg then up my chest and perches herself happily on my shoulder, hence the parrot like name.

Now I had a thought... If she eats so much protein then she's made of protein. If she's made of protein I can claim back what she's pinched!

I'm thinking she should be just right to put on the BBQ by next summer.

More pussy eating references Renee? :wink:


Renton, Streamline is right - you are becoming my personal hero.

BTW, if you haven't been owned by a cat before (besides what she did just now), I'd read 'Cat Confidential' by Vicky Halls.

If she's very young, you'll need to learn a lot of (cat) social skills (like not climbing up your trouser leg) from you, rather than her mum. Lots of behavioural problems cats display come from them being parted with their moms too early.