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Ditch the carbs post workout, without a question.




Insulin and hGH inhibition is a moot point if exercise intensity isn't sufficient. Growth hormone release is linear with exercise intensity, so if you're going to focus your training on maximizing hGH production, make sure that your strength training uses short rest periods and aerobic/anaerobic training reaches lactate threshold (HIIT would be optimal in this case).

I would recommend also ditching the raisins pre-lifting, and the peanut butter pre-cardio. Stick with 15-20 grams whey protein before and after training, then have some carbs in your first post-workout meal.




Yes, but you should not use supersets as the majority of your strength training. The moral of the story is that you should do mostly low rep lifting, and some high rep low rest stuff, combined with HIIT, and if you have time left do some steady state cardio.