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Maybe this will help, hopefully. Unlike you I have the opposite problem. Poor pushing strenght lol

i’m pretty sure i can incline more than i can barbell row, although i don’t feel like i’m ‘disproportionate’

If you’re trying to add mass to your upper back, then, go on doing many different back exercises, but if you want to bring up a particular lift, do it as many time as possible, never going even close to failure.

So, in your case, do bent over row at least twice a week (check Thibaudeau Beast Building part I).
Another tip: Poliquin and Tibaudeau often mentioned “doublet”: do the exercise you want to improve twice in the same session, at the beginning, and at the end; the second time, do half the sets you did at the beginning.


If you do pulling/pressing on the same day, then start with all of your pulling first and add an extra exercise so that you are pulling for more reps than pushing.

As far as strength gains go, I’ve found that I get stronger at pulling overall when I do a lot of heavy, low rep sets (6x1-3) or pyramid sets (6-5-4-3-2). It’s hard to do these sort of sets and still do more reps than pressing w/o doing the same sort of sets for bench,incline, etc. To make sure I get more pulls than presses, I like to end the pulling segment with 2-3 sets of 25 reps on seated rows. If you go pretty heavy on bent over rows (1 and 2 arms) and do some weighted pullups, you should see some significant gains at pulling.

One thing I like to do as well is a lot of scapular mobility stuff when I warmup. This will help strengthen the shoulder for both pulling and pressing.