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This is Starting to Piss Me Off


i've spent alot of time researching everything i can on steroids now an i know for sure i'm ready to start my first cycle.

i've been researchon alot to find a site i know is legit and i found one and it looked good so i researched a little more for reviews on it and half the people said its golden and the other half say its a scam, and it's the same for just about every site i find. so i dont know what the fuck to do.it's aggravating.

Will somebody point me in the right direction, please?


sorry we cannot discuss sources board policy


Are you asking for a source?

Unfortunately, no one will be willing to give up their source on a site like this. Anyone who does doesn't deserve to have their source.

Also, I don't mean to sound like a dick, but if you've been finding websites that sell AAS, chances are that you are finding those sites that sell that shitty fake "legal" steroid crap that won't do anything for you except make your wallet lighter. If that's the case, you haven't finished your research.