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This Is Sparta


Is Sparta


LOL that was fucking hilarious








I cannot wait to see that movie.


I know. I've been waiting for them to do the sequel for a long time, finally!!

Funny video OP.


Haha nice. Pleasantly surprising. Good find!




Wow, well done... I lost it when Jack Black kicked the dog off the bridge -lol



The part with the bear tearing off his arms is the funnniest imo.


"Brick killed a guy."


"I killed a guy with a trident!"

reminded me of a 'godzilla' movie...
great dubbed over


Hahah, great post!


Lmao that was fucking jokes. I like this one too.


haha same here, the timing was perfect. I showed my roommate and he didn't even giggle. WHAT THE FUCK!

He's from Panama so I guess I should have figured that...


I just want to tell you something before I click on this link. If this is a rick roll I will hate you forever.


That honestly was probably the best parody of the trailer that I have ever seen. But that's just me.


Ok Jlu, your safe lol. That was funny.


Haha I didn't even think to try and rick roll people, that would've been a good way to do it though.